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Last updated on February 6th, 2020 at 02:55 pm

Retro is officially the new black.


In the days where a new smartphone is released approximately every 4 seconds people are looking back at technology’s humble beginnings with nostalgic fondness.

This revolution has been rocketed by the use of a flip phone in Adele’s music video for ‘Hello’ which was viewed over 50 million times in its first 48 hours of release.

Internet and social media users have enormous influence and power when it comes to viral trends; notable examples include the blue or gold dress debate, the ice bucket challenge and, rather relevantly, Adele’s comeback teaser after a 4 year hiatus.

Being one of the most anticipated musical releases of the decade meant that every detail of Adele’s third album would be immediately shared worldwide with every detail scrutinized.

Indeed people were quick to pick up on the use of a retro flip phone by a multi-millionaire; leaving the internet shaken and baffled.


This led to an interview with video Director, Xavier Dolan, in which he explains that he avoids filming with modern cars and phones since they’re a reminder of reality and reduce the piece of art to an advert.


Such is the influence of Adele (and the internet) that mobile phone giant Samsung is now bringing back the flip phone; with much better features than the original model. Already popular in Korea, the smart-flip-phone is now being brought over to the Western market.

Could the flip phone be a contender for the new ‘it’ phone of 2016?


Okay, whether Adele did inspire this flip phone rebellion may be up for debate but what’s clear is that people are beginning to appreciate the simpler times and incorporating those aspects into their now fast paced and technology heavy lifestyles.

Retro has always been ‘cool’ but with television shows, retro food, technology and vintage fashion all coming back it looks like we need to start replacing our phones with retro models to keep up with the times.

At PMC we’ve even noticed a rise in the the popularity of our retro phones, so thanks Adele!

Josh Rose – PMC Telecom

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