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GSM Desk Phones, Mobiles & Gateways

If you are looking for a flexible desk telephone system then our range of GSM desk phones/gateways could be just what you are looking for, and they are designed to work across a wide range of networks, providing the perfect flexibility for your business.

Our mobile GSM desk phones can be used all over the UK and are incredibly portable, most importantly they don't require any landline or phone socket connection! In addition, our phones are compatible with a standard mobile sim card so you don't need to purchase a specific card for your stem.

You can easily use them in situations where you might not have access to a landline telephone. Our GSM desk phones are designed to work across all current UK 2G and upwards GSM networks and can be an ideal companion for areas where there might not be an existing landline installed.

GSM Phones & Gateways

Being able to make phone calls wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whether you are at your desk or not, is important for most modern businesses. If you are interested in finding a versatile alternative to more traditional desk telephone systems. Perhaps you have no access to a traditional landline telephone connection, due to your location. In that case, you may want to take advantage of the selection of GSM desk telephones and gateways we have for sale here at PMC Telecom.

We have been in the telecommunications industry for more than 30 years, providing unparalleled customer service and high-quality products, accessories, and complete solutions for a wide range of different customers.

What is GSM?

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and is a standard that was developed by the ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) to help describe the protocols involved in 2G digital mobile networks used by mobile phones, tablets, and other portable devices.

The GSM desk phones we have at PMC Telecom are designed to work anywhere in the UK and are extremely portable.

Benefits of GSM Phones

It may be that you are on the fence about GSM phones and the related accessories. Perhaps this is your first time hearing about them and therefore didn’t know it was even an option beforehand. One way to figure that out is by looking at some of the key benefits of using this kind of telephone system.

There are many benefits you and your employees can gain from using GSM phones for business communications.

No Landline Phone Socket or Connection Required

By far, perhaps the best thing about GSM phones is that they don’t need a landline phone socket or landline phone connection. As we noted earlier, your current business setup may not allow for you to have a landline phone connection.

Less Expensive Equipment

Generally speaking, the price of more traditional telephone systems and desktop handsets is a lot more expensive than GSM phones and gateways. It also costs less to run, as you can normally benefit from the same kind of deals as traditional mobile phone SIM card contracts.

Sim-Free Mobile Phone

Another huge benefit to using GSM phones is that they offer all the portability of a mobile phone without being tied to a particular SIM card. That means you can find the best deal for your employees possible, as all GSM phones come unlocked and ready to use.

High-Quality Voice Calls

It may seem counterintuitive to invest in mobile phones rather than traditional office phones, but these actually offer a higher voice call quality than traditional mobile phones. So, you can still take all-important business calls without fear of losing reception or important details being missed.

Even more impressive, in our opinion, is the fact that the reception and performance in general of calls made and received through GSM phones are better even when you are travelling for business internationally.

What is a GSM Gateway?

For the uninitiated, GSM gateways rely on the use of SIM cards and connect to cellular towers. They can convert the cellular phone signal into a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signal.

PMC Telecom Commitment to Quality

We believe that a huge part of why we have been an industry-leading supplier and retailer of telecommunications products, including GSM phones, is because of our commitment to providing quality for our customers. Our customers in turn have trusted for more than 30 years.

Products From The Best Brands and Manufacturers in the Industry

It’s this commitment to quality that has meant we have always been careful to choose only the finest products by the most reputable brands in the industry. This includes Maxcom, Kammunica, Huawei, Capetune, Burnside, Orchid Telecom, Gai-Tronics, and Tecdesk. These brands are noted in the sector for manufacturing high-quality products that will ensure your communications with staff, contractors, customers, and clients is seamless, wherever you are based.

All Budgets Catered To

If there is one thing we have always tried to keep in mind is that all our customers come from different backgrounds, have different needs and requirements, and, most importantly, different budgets. That is why you will find all price points covered with the products and accessories we stock under GSM phones and gateways.

Need Help? Speak to One of Our Team

At PMC Telecom we appreciate all of this may be new to many reading this page and that you may feel overwhelmed. If that’s the case and you feel you need help, don’t worry, as we have a highly trained, professional, and friendly customer service team who are waiting to answer your questions and can provide you with expert advice and recommendations.

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