Top 10 Best Corded Phones – 2022

What are the best corded telephones? Close up of a Black BT Converse 2300 telephone

Last updated on January 27th, 2022 at 01:34 pm

We’ve spent a lot of time coming up with a broad mix of our favourite 10 corded phones suitable for standard analogue UK lines. From fully featured telephones with caller id, answering machines, speakerphones, large name & number directories with bluetooth and headset ports; to your basic high-quality plug & play corded desk phone. We have tried to put together a solid range here to suit most needs from homes, professional offices to hotel room phones. Our experience and customer feedback has taught us which phones are the most reliable and best loved by our customers. 

All the phones here are analogue compatible and will plug into any standard UK BT Socket. They will also plug into an analogue port on most PBX systems, should you need basic functionality for hotel room phones, door entry phones etc.  

BT Paragon 650 – Corded Telephone with Answering Machine

The BT Pargon 650 is one of our favourite corded landline telephones and previous incarnations of this model have been around for years, which goes to show the confidence BT has in taking something that’s been successful and upgrading it to match modern design tastes and upgrading the features to match customer expectations. The build quality is superb as you’d expect, the buttons are tactile and feel good to the touch. The display looks really cool we think, the white text on black makes it easy to read for all users.  

Answering machine and extra features 

The Paragon 650 comes with a built-in digital answering machine which will record up to 30 minutes’ worth of messages, this can even be programmed to activate between certain times of the day. It has a 200 name and number directory, RJ11 headset port, handsfree speakerphone, can be wall mounted and is hearing aid compatible. The only downside is that the phone does need power, so you’ll have to take that into account, however it’s a very small price to pay for what is one of the most feature-packed and reliable corded desk phones on the market today. 

Top features of the BT Paragon 650

  • 30 Minute digital answering machine 
  • Pre-recorded male & female messages included
  • Caller ID 
  • RJ11 Headset Port 
  • Handsfree Speakerphone 
  • Large, easy to read LCD Display 
  • Visual display indicators for calls and messages 
  • Wall Mountable 

BT Converse 2300 – Corded Office Phone

BT Converse 2300 Telephone in Black

BT are no strangers to building a quality telephone and with the whole Converse range being of premium stock we had to put their top model, the BT Converse 2300 highest of the three in our list. 

For an analogue telephone, there’s not a lot this phone does not do, with a large LCD display, quality, easy to read and tactile buttons, speakerphone, 100 name & number directory, caller ID, and a built-in amplifier and headset port; There’s also built-in is an inductive coupler so that hearing aids can be used with the phone. The BT Converse 2300 really is one of the best home or small office telephones on the market today. The only thing missing is that it doesn’t have a built-in answering machine. 

The BT Converse 2300 is an analogue phone but can be connected to PBX systems and will work with an access code so you can configure, for example, to dial 9 for an outside line.  

Top features of the BT Converse 2300

  • Headset socket – RJ11 
  • Handsfree Speakerphone 
  • 100 name & no. Directory 
  • Caller display 
  • Inductive coupler – for hearing aids 
  • Visual ring indicator 
  • Message waiting indicator 
  • Wall mountable 
  • PSU included in the box 
  • Available in Black or White 

Agent 1100 – Corded Office Telephone

Agent 1100 Telephone in Black

The Agent 1100 is a superb value for money phone, offering all the features of higher specification phones for an entry level price, and it’s this that gives us good reason to rank it highly amongst its compatriots. With its exceptionally high build quality the Agent 1100 also comes with a built-in amplifier and a headset port, so it is perfect for someone who is busy on the phone a lot. As an optional extra, an office headset can be plugged in to the built-in RJ11 port for professional users to take advantage of hands-free calling. As a small or home office telephone, the Agent 1100 represents outstanding value for money! 

Top features of the Agent 1100

  • Large LCD Display 
  • Caller ID 
  • Headset Port (RJ11) 
  • 50 Name and Number Directory 
  • Speakerphone 
  • Wall mountable 
  • PSU included in the box 

BT Decor 2600 – Corded Home Telephone

The BT Decor 2600 is a modern, user-friendly desk phone that is aimed at home users who want something that looks unfussy, yet very functional. As ever with BT the build quality is exceptional, the buttons feel great with large but unobtrusive print and an LCD display is very clear and easy to read. 

Call Guardian 

The BT Decor 2600 comes with some very nice call security features to prevent nuisance and fraudulent callers. You can set up the BT Duet to only allow callers stored within your phone book to get straight through to you, however, all other callers are first screened before the Décor 2600 rings for you. The phone will play an automated message to the caller asking them to give their name and any other details then it will ring and play back their message to you, so you can decide whether to accept the call or not. 

The Decor 2600 also comes with a simple call blocking button, so it is very easy for users to block nuisance callers by simply hitting that big red button at the top of the phone. This will block up to 1000 numbers.

Also included is a 30-minute built-in digital answering machine which for some users is an absolute must, along with a 200 name & number phone book for easy quick dialling – all accessible from the large, easy to read LCD display. 

For such a feature packed phone, we found the BT Decor 2600 remarkably easy to use. Everything is labelled sensibly and clearly; the build quality is great, meaning it’s just hard not to recommend this as a perfect house phone. 

Top features of the BT Decor 2600

  • Call Guardian – Nuisance Call Blocker using award winning TrueCall technology 
  • Answering machine with 30 minutes record time 
  • 200 name & number phonebook 
  • Inductive coupler for hearing aid compatibility 
  • Handsfree Speaker  
  • Caller Display 

Converse 2200 – Corded Office Phone

BT Converse 2200 Telephone in Black

The second of the BT Converse range in our list, the BT Converse 2200 is again a high-quality telephone albeit with less features of its bigger brother, the 2200 sits in the middle of the Converse range and comes with all the features of a reliable corded desk phone without the extra fluff you may not require. With 10 number speed dial, speakerphone and headset socket the BT Converse 2200 can easily be used as your daily desk telephone no problems at all. 

Top features of the Converse 2200

  • Headset Port (RJ11 Socket) 
  • 10-Number Speed Dial Memory 
  • Hands-Free Speaker Phone Operation 
  • Inductive Coupler (Hearing Aid Compatible) 
  • Hands-Free Speaker Phone Operation 
  • Wall mountable 
  • Available in Black or White 

ATL Berkshire 420 – Corded Office Telephone

The ATL Berkshire 420 is a brand-new design from Berkshire replacing its previous model the Berkshire 400. We like the new, more modern 45-degree angled desk stand which makes the 420 easier to dial than the previous model, the buttons are clear and tactile making it a cinch to use. 

The Berkshire 420 is a high-quality desk phone with sleek looks and a great build quality. With 10 quick dial memories, handsfree speakerphone, RJ11 headset port and hearing aid compatibility. This telephone is a great option if you need a sleek looking desk phone, with some extra bells & whistles to allow you to work more efficiently.   

Top features of the ATL Berkshire 420

  • Headset port RJ11 (headset ready) 
  • Wall Mountable 
  • Headset volume adjust  
  • 10 Direct dial memories  
  • Available in Light Grey and Dark Grey  
  • Visual Ring Indicator  
  • Hearing Aid Compatible 

Orchid XL125 – Corded Office Telephone

Orchid XL-125 Telephone

The Orchid XL125 is a simple, line powered corded telephone that has enough nice features to elbow its way into our top 10. A simple plug & play operation, with no external PSU or batteries required the XL125 puts itself in a good place amongst some of its higher-powered compatriots by giving a fitting selection of essential features such as Speakerphone, 8 one-touch memory buttons, LCD screen without overbearing the user with features they may not need or even use. That said, the XL125 is no slouch, it is PBX compatible so can be used with larger systems and the price is low enough so it suits well if you’re either on a budget, or just need a simple phone that will do the job for you. 

Top features of the Orchid XL125

  • Line Powered – No Mains Power or Batteries are Needed 
  • Auto Hang Up if Handset is Left Off the Hook 
  • Speakerphone 
  • Handsfree Dialling 
  • LCD with Date and Time 
  • 15 Last Number Redials 

BT Duet 210 – Corded Home Phone

BT Duet cradle telephone in white

We couldn’t do a top 10 list of corded phones without putting in a basic gondola phone in here. When all you need is simplicity with a trusted brand in a high-quality package, then the BT Duet 210 is an ideal corded telephone to look at, it is wall mountable, has an inductive coupler so is compatible with hearing aids, has a 10 number memory, a visual ring indicator light and a clear high, low, off volume switch on the handset. Perfect as a home phone or in a business where a simple phone is needed at a location such as a warehouse door etc. 

Top features of the BT Duet

  • Ringer volume control 
  • Visual LED ring indicator 
  • Mute Button 
  • 10 number memory 
  • Last number redial 
  • Wall mountable 
  • Hearing aid compatible 

Converse 2100 – Corded Office Phone 

BT Converse 2100 Telephone in Black

The BT Converse 2100 is the baby of the Converse range, high build quality and basic features meaning it’s a cost-effective corded telephone, perfect for someone who just needs a simple, quality, corded phone or for a locational telephone within a business PBX, service door phone etc. 

Top features of the BT Converse 2100

  • Headset Compatible 
  • 3 Speed Dials 
  • Mute button 
  • Visual indicator 
  • Wall Mountable 
  • Available in Black or White 

Agent 1000 – Corded Office Phone

Agent 1000 Telephone in Black

The Agent 1000 is another phone that punches above its weigh in terms of features versus price which merits its inclusion in the list here. A high-quality plug & play telephone with 10 one touch memories an in-use light and a headset port, the design of the Agent 1000 stands out from its compatriots with its slim handset design and round buttons. We think this phone is ideal as a basic desk phone or hotel room phone. The Agent 1000 is available in Black, White and Red. 

Top features of the Agent 1000

  • 10 One touch memories 
  • Speakerphone 
  • Headset port 
  • In-Use light 
  • Ringing Volume Lo/Hi 
  • Available in Black, White & Red 
  • Wall mountable 

We hope you’ve found our round up of our favourite Corded Desk Phones useful.

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