Working From Home – The Pros And Cons

What’s the worst part of the working day? It’s got to be the commute at the beginning and end. Whether you drive to work, braving the rush-hour traffic, or have to wait around for the bus or train to turn up, commuting is a chore. For many people, it’s a necessity to go to work – those who operate specialist machinery, for example – but for office workers, sales operatives and many other desk-based positions, is there scope for working from home?

What are the best Bluetooth Headsets for Microsoft Teams?

We talk about some of our favourite Bluetooth Headsets that work brilliantly with Microsoft Teams as well as other major softphone and communication applications. Profesional level stylish noise cancelling headsets that will ensure your meetings aren’t disturbed by background noise. Click to learn more about Jabra, EPOS Sennheiser and Project Telecom Headsets.

What are the best Walkie Talkies in the UK for Sports & Leisure?

Whether you’re looking for Walkie Talkies for a family, or sporting holiday, or just are organising a small event or club, we’ve picked out some superb Walkie Talkies here to fit all situations and more.

Click and take a look at our article and we’ll explain the differences between the radios and pick out which could be the best for different types of use.

Top 10 Best Corded Phones – 2024

We’ve spent a lot of time coming up with a broad mix of our favourite 10 corded telephones suitable for standard analogue UK lines. From fully featured telephones with answering machines, speakerphones, large name & number directories with bluetooth and headset ports; to your basic high-quality plug & play corded desk phone. We have tried to put together a solid range here to suit most needs from homes, professional offices to hotel room phones. Our experience and customer feedback has taught us which phones are the most reliable and best loved by our customers. 

Top 10 Best Cordless Phones For 2024

If you’re in the market for a brand-new phone and considering cordless options available, then we can help. We have spent a lot of time and experience updating our list of the top 10 current cordless phones on the market, highlighting key features in the process, to help point you in the right direction to buying a quality DECT phone that suits your needs.

We have the experience of more than 30 years in the industry to give an expert opinion you can trust so you can be sure you will find the right phone in our look at our favourite 10 cordless phones outlined below.

Understanding Webcam Field of View

We explain what Field of View means when talking about Webcams. We try to answer some common questions, such as, can you buy a webcam with an adjustable field of view? Or; What is the difference between a narrow and wide field of view. Click now to learn more.

The Phonetic Alpabet

A useful reference guide to the UK Phonetic Alphabet, including its use and relevance in modern communication. We talk about why and where the phonetic alphabet was developed and how it is still used today. We also have the UK Phonetic Alphabet listed in its entirety for your reference.

Christmas gift guide

Our guide to buying gifts for your loved ones in the winter holiday season. Whether your friends or family use a lot of tech as part of work or recreationally, our Christmas gift ideas guide is a great place to get you started finding the right gifts for your loved ones.