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The difference between Wired and Wireless Office headsets might seem like it is obvious, however if you’re in a bind and not sure wether to invest in one type or another, then It is worth considering some technical implications of your choice. We dive into some of the positives and negatives of each to try and help you make your choice.

Wireless headsets are quite common in office use today as they give the user freedom to move around whilst on a call

There’s a few things worth knowing before investing in a Wireless Headset for Office Telecoms use so our guide is here to help to clarify some of the varied options available.

Demystifying some common questions that arise when purchasing wired headsets for phones, PC’s or even mobile phones.

With all the different telephone manufacturers, devices, PC’s Softphones and combinations of headsets it can be an absolute minefield for the first-time buyer to know where to start.

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Safety When Using Business Webcams

With more people working remotely, video conferencing software like Zoom etc. and webcams to use with them, have become essential. Most of us can’t, after all, walk from our own office or cubicle into the physical conference room in the office space where we normally work. It’s not just business owners and employees who are making use of these solutions, as religious groups and personal users are using them for non-work-related needs.

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PMR446 Radio Frequency Information

PMR 446 is a licence free radio frequency for use by two-way radio users in the UK and most of Europe.
The number 446 relates to the frequency band 446Mhz which these radios and types of devices use to communicate and can be used for business or leisure use without licence.