What are the best Bluetooth Headsets for Microsoft Teams?

We talk about some of our favourite Bluetooth Headsets that work brilliantly with Microsoft Teams as well as other major softphone and communication applications. Profesional level stylish noise cancelling headsets that will ensure your meetings aren’t disturbed by background noise. Click to learn more about Jabra, EPOS Sennheiser and Project Telecom Headsets.

The best office headsets for 2024

Office headsets are an essential item for anyone who regularly makes or recieves calls as part of their job. A high quality wired headset should give a high sound quality as well as being light and comfortable for long periods of wear. We’ve spent a lot of time testing some of the best office headsets on the market to give our opinion on which we think are the best options out there.

Wether you’re an individual user or a buyer for a larger company, then we have options that will suit all budgets for profesional office headsets.

Talk Like A Boss Without Breaking The Bank

Using a headset is a guaranteed method of increasing productivity within the workplace with handsfree calls allowing users to multitask.

Of course sound quality is the most important feature of any headset; ensuring that calls are of the highest audio quality, however one of the main issues office managers face when choosing headsets is the cost involved, particularly when buying in bulk.

We discuss one superb option for office Wireless Headsets.

A basic guide to office headsets

If you’ve never purchased a headset for office communications before, here’s our quick start guide answering some of the most common basic questions we get asked about by our customers when they are interested in buying a headset. We’re aiming to give you the information you’ll need, so you can make an informed start when looking for a headset that is appropriate for you

Wired Office Headsets – an in-depth buyer’s guide

Demystifying some common questions that arise when purchasing wired headsets for phones, PC’s or even mobile phones.

With all the different telephone manufacturers, devices, PC’s Softphones and combinations of headsets it can be an absolute minefield for the first-time buyer to know where to start.