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System Add-ons & Expansion Cards

System Add-Ons and Expansion Cards

When you choose a telephone system for your business, you will likely base your decision not just on what you need at that time, but also on what you will need in the future. Unless you are not intent on growing and expanding your business, you will want to make sure your telephone system can grow as you do.

That is why, when choosing a phone system, you may want to opt for one that can be expanded and scaled up, if and when necessary, through the use of the add-ons and expansion cards offered on this page.

At PMC Telecom, with more than 30 years of operating within the telecommunications industry, selling equipment, accessories, and full-scale solutions to a wide range of customers, we know how important it is for businesses to be able to expand. Whether it’s because you need to take on more staff to man more phone lines or need to benefit from additional features and functionality that you can’t with your current system, we can help you. Although we only currently supply expansion cards and add-ons to a small number of key brands, these will give you the scalability and flexibility you need.

Telephone System Expansion Cards

At PMC Telecom, we have always considered quality and customer satisfaction to be incredibly important. That is why we are careful with the brands we choose to stock products by. Rather than try to use third-party manufacturers for these important extras that can really open up your phone systems and handle the level of calls and support the number of staff you currently have and will have in the future, we prefer to stick to the manufacturers for their add-ons and expansion cards.

If you are currently operating a Samsung, Orchid Telecom, Panasonic or Avaya phone system in your office or another setting, you want to know that any expansion you make will be seamless and will not disrupt your business. You will also want to be sure they won’t cause system errors or be incompatible.

Wide Variety of Choice

Depending on the current phone system you are using, there are different levels of expansions and add-ons available. For instance, there is an extensive range of different cards we currently carry that are compatible with Panasonic phone systems, including activation and licence keys, Caller ID cards, greeting message cards, ISDN cards, and a lot more. However, with others, fewer options.

Regardless of what system you actually use at the moment, you will be able to find the necessary parts and accessories you need to expand and grow your system to meet your evolving needs.

All Budgets Supported

At PMC Telecom we have remained a leading retailer within the telephony and telecommunications industry is because we have supplied products and solutions to a wide variety of different customers. As well as businesses and other official organisations, we also stock items suitable for recreational customers. This has allowed us to be uniquely placed in the sector.

Although there are very few home users that are likely to need phone system expansion cards or add-ons, we still cater to customers who do not have what is considered to be a traditional workplace.

Quality Assurance and Customer Satisfaction

As noted, we have been in business since 1991, and we strongly believe that a huge part of why we have continued to remain a leading name in this sector is because we are passionate about delivering quality to our customers. When our customers are satisfied, we know we have done our job.

As part of that commitment to quality products, we spend a long time sourcing and choosing the best products. We believe this is why some of our customers have become loyal to our store. When your business depends on having the best phone system, and you need to expand it, we have the solutions you need.

All Important And Related Accessories

We have tried to offer everything you need from one place. That is why, once you have chosen the expansion cards and add-ons you need for your phone system, we also have all the important accessories and components.

Therefore, you don’t need to shop around for wires and cables, as everything can be bought right here at PMC Telecom.

Speak to Our Team for More Information

If you are looking at expansion cards and add-ons and still scratching your head with confusion, don’t worry. At PMC Telecom, we are a customer-focused business and want to help our customers when we can. That is why if you have any questions, queries or would like help with recommendations or suggestions, you should contact our customer service team.

We are easy to reach and can either be contacted by phone on 0161 7373 9898, email at, or by using the handy contact form on the Contacting PMC Telecom page.