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  • Is The Future of Call Centres on UK Soil?

    New call centre jobs are created in the UK - but only until the robots can take over, say experts. We’ve seen the headlines on how Vodafone vows to bring 2,100 call centre jobs back to the UK as part of an enormous, £2 billion investment project. New customer service roles... Read more
  • The best contact centre headsets - and how to get the bargains

    Contact centre headsets are big business. The various and complex designs out there mean that it’s now possible to fish out the perfect model for a very happy workplace - but the downside is a big one - there are simply too many to choose from. It’s not all about being... Read more
  • Businesses warned to prepare for the new £1 coin

    The new £1 coin is coin is coming. It’s been dubbed as the “most secure coin in the world” by The Treasury – and with its 12-sided, distinctive shape, it does make it pretty difficult to fake. We’ve all been lumbered with a dodgy £1 coin at one time or... Read more
  • IoT To Overtake Mobile By 2018

    According to a Mobility Report conducted by Ericsson, Internet of Things devices will overtake mobile phones as the “largest category of connected device by 2018”. This may seem unsurprising to those who are aware that the category of Internet of Things devices ranges from cars, electronics, machines, utility metres, health devices... Read more
  • The BT Expansion Continues

    BT, the largest telecoms company in the United Kingdom, is continuing its expansion with the roll-out of new pay monthly mobile services. The service will offer customers smartphones from Apple, Samsung and other leading mobile phone brands. This may seem confusing to some since BT recently purchased the mobile phone network... Read more
  • Top 14 Call Centre Headsets

    Here is our expertly picked list of the top 14 call centre headsets on the market. Whether you’re looking to start a new business or upgrade your existing headset to the best possible system this list is your perfect guide! Jabra Biz 2300 1. Jabra Biz 2300 £75 It’s important to have top of the range features for... Read more
  • Facebook To Revolutionise Telecoms With 5G Network

    Facebook have teamed up with telecoms giants Intel, Nokia, EE, Nexius and plenty more to bring a faster and more connected network to users around the world in the form of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP). Based on The Open Compute Project, a Facebook model used previously for its data centre... Read more
  • BT not forced to split as the north still suffers from slow speeds.

    We recently posted about the broadband speeds in the UK and whether or not BT was doing enough to increase speeds for all. Now, according to data by City Metric, the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ still has some of the slowest internet speeds in the country with Sheffield only reaching speeds of... Read more
  • Talk Like A Boss Without Breaking The Bank

    There are basic must have features that every office manager ought to have in mind when choosing a new headset for their phone system. Namely: sound quality, comfort, range, battery life and cost. The Plantronics CS540 DECT headset manages to include all of the above features whilst maintaining a sleek... Read more
  • UK To Speed Up In Broadband Race

    The United Kingdom draws in millions of visitors and tourists each year who come to see everything from Buckingham Palace to the Scottish Highlands; making it one of the busiest and most popular countries in the world. The amount of mobile data usage throughout the major UK cities is over... Read more

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