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Samsung SMT-i6010 IP Telephone - Refurbished

£120.00 (Excl. VAT) £144.00 (Incl. VAT)

    PMC Product Code: 16965

    Manufacturer's Product Code: SMT-i6010

    • Call Recording
    • Smart Routing of Mobile and Internal Numbers
    • Context Aware Delivery via Wi-Fi or Public Wireless
    • Caller ID
    • Floating Handset

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Refurbished


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    Product Specifications of the Samsung SMT-i6010 IP Telephone - Refurbished

    Samsung SMT-i6010 IP Telephone

    The Samsung SMT-i6010 IP Telephone features wired network connectivity, an ergonomic design and productivity boosting layout. Highlights include:

    • A Distinctive 'Floating' Handset - This looks Stylish, but its real Purpose is Functional Rather than Aesthetic, Making it Easy to Pick up the Handset from any Direction or Angle
    • Adjustable Angle - The user can Adjust the angle of the Handset, Enabling the Handset to be set at the Optimum Angle for their Needs
    • Intuitive Operation -The Phones have 35 or 47 buttons, Arranged in Three Distinct Groupings for Simplicity and Ease of Use. These are the Display and Four Associated Buttons at the top, the Number Pad and Call Function Buttons at the Bottom, and, on the Right, 12 or 24 DSS-Related Buttons
    • Versatile connectivity - This Includes a Two-Port Gigabit Switch, Headset Port and a USB Port that Supports Electronic Hook Switch (EHS)

    Tablet Extension AOM

    Ability to use a colour tablet as an extension module. This gives greater flexibility at a lower cost and means that users can continue to use the tablet for other applications. An app linking the tablet to the deskphone provides up to 99 programmable buttons, giving one touch access to functions or extension numbers.

    Wi-Fi Hotspot

    An integrated Wi-Fi antenna on the wireless i6000 series deskphones means they can also be used as Wi-Fi hotspots. If a wireless deskphone is connected to the network using its wired Ethernet cable, up to five devices can connect to it wirelessly to gain internet access. This is useful in small offices or in listed buildings where cabling is difficult.

    Call Handling


    The first contact point for many customers. This PC-based console application provides everything needed for incoming call management, from call transfers and queue management to call recording and conference calls. The status of all users is visually shown as well as the location of mobile handsets, allowing operators to provide a quick, accurate and informed service to callers.


    Delivers an enhanced experience to users helping them increase their performance and efficiency. Xchange connects your telephone or smartphone to a PC-based contact management system. Key features include screen popping of caller details, easy to use directory search, and telephony enablement of your businesses CRM system providing click-to-dial functionality.

    Voice Messaging - (Including Auto Attendant)

    Essential for any business that requires out of hours operation, self-service capability and general messaging. The Voice Messaging features include voicemail, fax mail, message forwarding, voice/fax to email, conversation recording and an auto attendant that automatically answers calls with pre-recorded messages and self service prompts. Additional options can be added to include text-to-speech, enabling emails to be listened and responded to from anywhere.

    Call Management

    Call Reporting

    Gives full visibility of call traffic and call costs from single or multiple sites, with the option to charge costs to different departments/clients. Shows surges and peaks in call activity so that you can allocate resources to ensure calls are answered promptly. Call Reporting is an essential tool in the fight against telephone fraud, allowing you to quickly identify potential fraud and take defensive action.

    Voice Recording

    Provides encrypted and PCI compliant call recording via a plug-in module. Recordings can be searched for and retrieved using many parameters including caller ID, time, date, department or number dialled. Call Recording will integrate into the Call Reporting application providing a simple to use integrated application.

    Collaboration & Mobility

    Softphone Communicator

    Turns your PC or laptop into an extension of the OfficeServ phone system with access to all system features including DDI calls, voicemail and personal directories.


    Makes your smartphone part of the system whether you are in or out of the office. Any call you make is routed through the system so you can take full advantage of business calling rates and call recording. It gives visibility of others on the network as well as your location to the Operator and provides access to corporate directories and functions so that you are always in touch. All incoming calls are intelligently directed to you wherever you are, making the most efficient use of the resources available.

    Fixed Mobile Convergence

    WE VoIP

    Whilst there are obvious benefits of smart phone usage in the workplace, problems do occur as the voice quality of the call can be weak at times, the cost of a call is significantly higher and the user is not able to take advantage of the features of the office telephone system, e.g. Call Transfer, Call Recording etc.
    That is why Samsung has created Samsung WE VoIP application which is a mobile client that handles all telecommunication functions with ease. It is equipped with clear voice quality and easy-to-use phone features for convenient and effective


    Samsung WE VoIP is designed for the mobile from the mobile user’s point of view. The employee is not required to change the way they use their phone or mobile device as the user experience is the same. However, they can benefit from more functionality with higher voice quality. Samsung WE VoIP incorporates a 3G dialler, HD voice technology and Wi-Fi handover capabilities to bring professionals a simple, hassle-free user experience and provide a clear telecommunications service. Compatible with both the OfficeServ and Samsung Communications Manager (SCM), this solution provides conference calling, transferring and hold functions.

    Key Features

    • Receiving a Call
    • One Number, Simultaneous Ringing
    • Context Aware Delivery Via Wi-Fi or Public Wireless
    • Calling Line ID Delivered

    Making a Call

    • Smart Routing of Mobile and Internal Numbers
    • Optional Fast Routing Through Enterprise Network
    • Control of Calling Line ID
    • Roaming from Wi-Fi to Mobile Network During a Call

    During a Call

    • Seamless Move to and from Desk Phone
    • Call Recording
    • Call Control – Transfer, Conference, etc.

    Call Recording

    Integrated PCI compliant call recording has the ability to record agents’ PC screens as well as voice communications. With integrated call evaluation tools, the call recorder is also an essential tool for training and on-going agent performance feedback.

    Outbound Calling

    Predictive and progressive diallers fully integrated into the core system enable a true mixed mode contact centre to be delivered. Concerns about complying with the ever increasing legislation with predictive diallers are eliminated by the self-monitoring adaptive dialling algorithm and TPS compliance. Delivering all the benefits of improved productivity without the pitfalls

    Management Reports

    Comprehensive reporting facilitates more effective management of a contact centre, department or individual agent. Flexible options let you use standard reports or create your own. Reports are not restricted to just the contact centre information either as information from other sources can be incorporated, such as your sales system, to give real meaning to what you are seeing.

    Customisable Displays

    Performance data can be shown on monitor screens and mobile devices to inform supervisors and motivate agents. Choose the indicators you would like to show and your preferred format (e.g. graph, ticker-tape). Information external to the contact centre can also be shown, such as related information on sales from your internal systems or external sources such as news web sites or stock market figures. Providing the broader context to the raw call statistics.

    Intelligent Call Routing

    Skills-based routing reduces call times and minimises the need for transfers/call-backs. Calls are automatically routed to the most appropriate agent and, if they are busy, to the next-best person. Other parameters that can be applied to routing include, who is calling, the number dialled, time of day and day of week/month/year. Ensuring that each customer can be handled as an individual and enabling you to deliver a personalised service.

    Built-in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides more efficient call processing and useful cover in busy periods. Use it to route calls to the right agent/department or to enable callers to leave a message. There is even the option for callers to reserve their place in the queue, then hang-up and take a call back. Links to other applications enable two-way transfer of information between systems. Giving your customers more choice on how they communicate with you.

    Warranty12 months
    Please Note
    Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.

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