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Free Recycling of WEEE Products by PMC Telecom

At PMC Telecom we offer free recycling for your old phones and telecom accessories after buying replacements from us. To be eligible for this, you must send your old item/s to us within 28 days of purchasing your new product.

By doing this we can ensure that unwanted electrical items are disposed of safely and in an environmentally friendly way. This is in accordance with WEEE law and regulations, which you can read more about below.

Telecom recycling makes it easy to clear up space by getting rid of your old equipment easily and efficiently with PMC Telecom. You can find high quality equipment to suit your needs and at the same time enjoy a service to remove your old electrical waste, making us an obvious choice for any telecom equipment you need.

Whatever it is you are buying, we can help with phone recycling as well as other accessories including headsets, fax machines and more. We are happy to do our part in helping you clear space, protect the environment and comply with WEEE laws all at the same time at PMC Telecom.

WEEE Regulations:

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive is now UK law. The legislation aims to make producers pay for the collection, treatment and recovery of waste electrical equipment. The WEEE regulations also mean that suppliers of equipment like high street shops and internet retailers must allow consumers to return their waste equipment free of charge.

Many electrical items that we throw away can be repaired or recycled. Recycling items helps to save our natural finite resources and also reduces the environmental and health risks associated with sending electrical goods to landfill.

To make use of this recycling service at PMC Telecom, customers must return their WEEE item to us within 28 days of purchasing their new item.

If you want to send us your unused electrical items then contact us on 0161 737 9898 or and our team will be in touch shortly to discuss how we can help.