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Samsung Digital Phone DS-5014S

Price From: £50.00 (Excl. VAT) £60.00 (Incl. VAT)

    PMC Product Code: 14505

    Manufacturer's Product Code: DS-5014S

    • LCD: 2-Line
    • LCD Characters: 24
    • Fixed Function Key:7
    • Navigation Wheel: No
    • Programmable Key: 14

    Stock status: In Stock

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    Samsung 5000 series display handsets feature a 32-character, 2 line scrollable LCD screen to display call information like Calling Line Identification (CLI, who is calling) and Direct Dialing Inward (DDI, which may indicate why they are calling). The LCD also helps the users navigate effortlessly through the systems features. In addition, display handsets incorporate programmable soft keys with tri-coloured LED status indicators that can be used for speed dialling, as well as one-touch feature access keys and traditional Key & Lamp working. Optional add-on modules can also be assigned to compatible handsets, creating 64 additional soft keys. Or you can choose Samsungs standard Digital and Analogue handsets, as a cost-effective alternative for staff who do not require high access to system features. Ensuring everyone has their own point of contact and individual extension.

    The Samsung OfficeServ DS5014S features a 14-button display, perfect for personal extensions for all your staff. This phone allows you to access the full functionality of a Samsung solution easily.

    It has 14 programmable keys which you can use for quick dialling. It has triple colored LED status indicators and a 2-line scrollable LED screen that displays information. It also has 3 soft keys to activate features. The LCD panel is adjustable. As with most phones, this has volume control and is wall mountable. You can also choose your ringtones.


    • Speaker
    • 3 Soft Keys
    • Status indicator
    • Scroll key
    • Volume key
    • Redial
    • Conference
    • Transfer
    • Hold
    • Microphone
    • Speaker
    • Live keypad
    • Programmable buttons
    • LED Indicators

    You can easily tell a call’s status with the indicators. The LED is a steady green if the external line is in use. It is a flashing green if there is a new incoming call. When it is a red or slow flashing green, that means it is on hold. A slow flashing amber indicates that a transferred or held call is recalling.

    Volume Control

    You can adjust the volume levels of the speakerphone, handset and ringer and save it in the memory. If you have background music, you can also adjust it. There are 16 levels to choose from.


    You can change the passcode anytime for added security. Your pre-assigned passcode is 1234.

    Headset and Handset Modes

    It’s very easy to switch from a handset mode to a headset mode as long as you have a headset connected to the phone. Just press the speaker button to answer or end a conversation in headset mode.


    With the DS5014S, you can dial by directory name. You don’t have to memorize every extension number as you can easily find them in the online directory. Every number is assigned a directory name. These names are listed in alphabetical order so it’s easy to scroll through them.

    Busy Extension

    If an extension is busy, you can set a callback. When it is free, the phone will ring again. When you pick it up, the other extension will ring so that the user can answer you.


    There are three types of holding – System, Exclusive and Consultation. The first puts the current call on hold and allows other users to take it off this status. The second type does not allow other users to take it off hold. The third type allows you to consult another user.

    Warranty12 months
    Please Note
    Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.

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    31 July
    Mr Hyland
    As we are a new company we didnt want to spend a fortune on phones, the quality on these is outstanding, You would not know that the phones were refurbished if it didnt say on the website. Thanks PMC!
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