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Netgear ProSafe™ M4100 50 PoE Managed Switch

£525.00 (Excl. VAT) £630.00 (Incl. VAT) RRP £819.00

    PMC Product Code: 9579

    Manufacturer's Product Code: FSM7250P-100NES

    • 48 x 10/100Mbps RJ45 ports
    • 24 x PoE 802.3af Ports
    • System memory (RAM) 128 MB
    • Energy Detect Mode, unused ports automatic power off

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    The Intelligent Edge M4100 series switches are NETGEAR fully managed switches for 100M/1G access layer in SMB, Small Enterprise and Campus networks. The M4100 series delivers the best combination of performance, security and convergence at a high-value price point—unlike competitive, entry-level “SMB” solutions. Redundant power supply options (RPS), full PoE+ external power supply options (EPS), Private VLANs, LLDP-MED and MVR take a scalable, future-proof approach to delivering network services for Wireless access points, IP phones and IP cameras infrastructures.

    Versatile, Protected and Expendable Power

    The M4100 series are the first affordable managed switches with both redundant and external power supply capabilities - key for critical applications such as VoIP, IP surveillance and Wireless access points. PoE devices gobble increasing amounts of PoE power, yet existing SMB switching solutions from other vendors don’t scale to full power. Although most servers in SMB networks have dual power supplies, switches in SMB networks have not – until now.
    Select desktop switches in the M4100 series can be powered by PoE as a cost-effective solution when there is no existing electrical wiring or power outlets, as the switch can draw power directly from the wiring closet.

    The flexibility of a PoE switch is also convenient for meeting rooms and open spaces where visible electrical wiring is unsightly or impractical. One PoE+ downlink (30W) from the upstream switch is sufficient for the standard operation of the M4100-D12G and M4100-D12G-POE+ switches. This also increases resiliency for critical installations: the Power over Ethernet PD connection on these switches also doubles as a redundant power supply (RPS) should the switch be locally powered. Innovative PoE passthrough technology even lets M4100-D12G-POE+ power local PoE PD devices - redistributing PoE budget from the upstream switch.

    Up to 25W of power can be available for local PD devices - extending the reach of PoE deployments beyond the 100-meter or 328-feet bar: the M4100-D12G-POE+ can function as a “PoE repeater” for powering remote IP cameras, Wireless access points, etc. For all other rackmount Power over Ethernet models in the NETGEAR Intelligent Edge M4100 series, in addition to their built-in PSU providing more PoE power than competitive solutions at a similar price point, the NETGEAR Intelligent Edge M4100 series is the only one allowing for an additional PoE power “upgrade” via external power supply; immediately or at later times.

    Short story, all rackmount switches in the NETGEAR M4100 series are either PoE Full Power capable already or PoE Full Power capable when drawing external power from the RPS4000. All 24-port and 48-port models can scale up to 802.3af PoE full power or 802.3at PoE+ full power simultaneously for all ports. This is real investment protection.

    Security and Control

    Enhanced security includes network access control and isolation for improved convergence of voice, video and data: dynamic 802.1x VLAN assignment mode, including Dynamic VLAN creation mode and Guest VLAN/Unauthenticated VLAN are supported for rigorous user and equipment policy enforcement from a RADIUS server. The RADIUS server can also be the Network Policy Server (NPS) in Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2008 or 2012, when in an Active Directory domain. Up to 48 clients (802.1x) per port are supported, including the authentication of a user’s domain, in order to facilitate convergent deployments.

    When IP phones connect PCs on their bridge, IP phones and PCs authenticate on the same switch port but under different VLAN assignment policies (Voice VLAN versus data VLAN) - providing administrators with greater flexibility during deployment and policy enforcement. For 802.1x unaware clients, 802.1x MAC Address Authentication Bypass (MAB) is a great alternative: when 802.1x unaware clients try to connect, the switch sends their MAC addresses to the authentication server.

    When checked, the RADIUS server returns the access policy and VLAN assignment to the switch for each client. Enhanced security also includes better network isolation with Private VLANs, providing Layer 2 isolation between ports that share the same broadcast domain. A VLAN broadcast domain can be partitioned into smaller point-to-multipoint subdomains across switches in the same Layer 2 network.

    This is useful for IP camera deployments, or in the DMZ when servers are not supposed to communicate with each other but need to communicate with a router. Private VLANs remove the need for more complex port-based VLANs with respective IP interface/subnets and associated L3 routing.


    Learn how the NETGEAR M4100 series delivers more for less: all models provide much longer MTBF (average lifetime) thanks to better/higher quality components and circuitry. For instance, the desktop 8-port PoE Fast Ethernet M4100-D10-POE (FSM5210P) is predicted to have an average mean time between failure of 579,985 hours, or 66 years at an ambient standard 25°C temperature (77°F). The rackmount 24-port PoE Gigabit Ethernet M4100-26G-POE (GSM7226LP) is to predicted to have an average mean time between failure of 437,199 hours, more than 49 years. This is nearly double the reliability of the closest competitive solutions in this price band.

    The NETGEAR M4100-50-POE (FSM7250P) 48-Port Layer 2+ Fast Ethernet Switch is part of the new M4100 series of fully managed Intelligent Edge switches from NETGEAR that have been developed for Small Businesses and school networks. This NETGEAR M41M4100-50-POE (FSM7250P) Switch delivers the best combination of performance, security and convergence at a high-value price point, it offers Forty-Eight Fast Ethernet ports, 802.3af PoE up to 380W and comes with 4x Gigabit/SFP slots for future expansion.


    NETGEAR Intelligent Edge M4100 Features:

    • Broad portfolio of access layer solutions with Forty-Eight (48) 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports
    • 802.3af PoE up to 380W power budget per switch, maximum of 15.4W per port
    • IPv4 routing in Layer 2+ package (L3 static routing) with IPv4/IPv6 ACLs and QoS
    • High value L2/L3 tables with 16K MAC, 512 ARP/NDP, 9K jumbo frames, 1K VLANs, 64 static L3 routes
    • Green Ethernet compliance for maximum power efficiency

    NETGEAR Intelligent Edge M4100 software features:

    • Automatic multi-vendor Voice over IP prioritisation based on SIP, H323 and SCCP protocol detection
    • Voice VLAN and LLDP-MED for automatic IP phones, QoS and VLAN configuration
    • IPv4/IPv6 Multicast filtering with IGMP and MLD snooping, Querier mode and MVR for simplified video deployments
    • Advanced classifier-based hardware implementation for L2 (MAC), L3 (IP) and L4 (UDP/TCP transport ports) inbound security and prioritisation

    NETGEAR Intelligent Edge M4100 series link aggregation and channelling features:

    • Flexible Port-Channel/LAG (802.3ad) implementation for maximum compatibility, fault tolerance and load sharing with any type of Ethernet channelling
    • Including static (selectable hashing algorithms) or dynamic LAGs (LACP)

    NETGEAR Intelligent Edge M4100 series management features:

    • DHCP/BootP innovative auto-installation including firmware and configuration file upload automation
    • Industry standard SNMP, RMON, MIB, LLDP, AAA and sFlow implementation
    • Selectable serial RS232DB9 and Mini-USB port for management console
    • Standard USB port for local storage, configuration or image files
    • Dual firmware image and configuration file for updates with minimum service interruption
    • Industry standard command line interface (CLI) for IT admins used to other vendors commands
    • Fully functional Web console (GUI) for IT admins who prefer an easy to use graphical interface

    NETGEAR Intelligent Edge M4100 series warranty and support:

    • NETGEAR ProSAFE Lifetime Hardware Warranty
    • Included ProSupport Lifetime 24x7 Advanced Technical Support
    • Included 3-Year Next Business Day Onsite Hardware Replacement

    In the box

    • NETGEAR ProSAFE M4100 series switch
    • Power cord
    • Rubber footpads for table top installation
    • Rubber caps for the SFP sockets
    • Mini-USB console cable with one Mini B connector and one type A connector
    • Resource CD with links to online documentation: USB drivers for the Mini-USB console
    • Quick Installation Guide
    • Hardware Installation Guide
    Warranty12 months
    Please Note
    Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.

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