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Motorola XT660D Two Way Radio With Charger - New

£167.99 (Excl. VAT) £201.59 (Incl. VAT)

    PMC Product Code: 14545

    Manufacturer's Product Code: RED0006BDPAA

    • Keypad Lock/Unlock
    • Push to Talk Button
    • 2 Pin Audio Connector
    • Programmable Side Buttons
    • Status LED

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    Condition: Brand New


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    The Motorola XT660D is an analogue and digital PMR446 Radio, ideal for organisations who understand that instant communication can be a competitive advantage. Designed to work at the speed of business, the XT660D Radios are packed with features that will keep your team connected and productive.

    Call a single person, a group or the entire organisation at the same time, its easy to streamline your communications with enhanced digital calling, reach whoever you need whenever you need them.

    The XT660D lets you remotely monitor your radios, send call alerts and even disable radios if they are lost. Today`s businesses need more than one way to communicate, the full keypad lets your team send text messages, ensuring detailed project information is conveyed accurately.

    With the XT660D, users can record and play back conversations for training purposes and audit protection, and enjoy crystal clear digital audio for flawless communication. Add the XT660D to an existing analogue fleet, allowing you to upgrade on your terms.

    Target Your Conversations

    Whether your colleagues/personnel are on the shop floor, in an office or in the warehouse, with the Motorola XT660D, you can target the individuals or groups you need. Store up to 512 contacts and call a single person by selecting from the list, or by choosing a pre-programmed quick key for faster access. Make calls to up to 16 teams and departments, or just one, if there is an urgent issue, call all available personnel at once.

    Monitor and Manage Personnel

    Monitoring remote personnel is critical if you want them to be safe and successful, the XT660D gives you the capabilities you need to stay in control from a distance, activate the microphone and transmitter on a target radio to check the status of personnel, or disable a radio remotely if its lost or stolen. The radio can be re-enabled if its found, so it can be re-used.

    Better With Text

    With up to 128 characters per message, this means you can get your point across, need to reply quickly, choose from up to 50 pre-programmed messages such as message received or cant talk now.

    Capture Conversations

    The Motorola XT660D provides audio recording and playback capabilities, meaning all conversations can be recorded for training purposes to audit protection.

    Loud and Clear Audio

    The XT660D is designed with a 1.5w audio output, making sure that conversations come in loud and clear, even across a wide area.

    Works With Others

    The XT660D in analogue mode, works with other comparable PMR446 Radios.

    Information at a Glance

    View incoming text messages, your contact list, caller ID, battery life and signal strength on the LCD Display.

    Key Benefits

    Enhanced Calling Capabilities in Digital Mode

    • Private Call - Private and secure digital one to one calling, this can be done by choosing a private contact from the contact list and the PTT, or simply press the pre-programmed side button with one touch access. This radio can store up to 512 contacts
    • Group Call - Make a group call to a group of individuals from your contact list with one simple PTT press. This radio can setup 16 groups for group call.
    • All Call - You can communicate to everyone when the channel is available

    Remote Monitor and Control of Target Radio

    • Remote Monitor - Sometimes you need to find out more about a radio`s situation, for example when one of your staff is unresponsive, or when a radio is suspected stolen. You can discreetly activate the target radio`s microphone, and listen into what is happening
    • Remote Check - Allows you to Ping the target radio to check if he radio is turned on or within talk range. Upon receiving your Ping successfully, target radio will reply with an acknowledgement tone
    • Remote Enable/Disable - To have proper control over your radio fleet, you need to be able to remove rogue or stolen radios from service, then re-enable them once they are recovered. This feature allows you to remotely disable and re-enable other radios

    Full Keypad for Enhanced Texting

    • User customizable Text Messaging allows you to enter text messages up to 128 alphanumeric characters
    • Also supports up to 50 pre-programmable messages and allows you to send quick texts such as Gather at Point A etc to your contacts

    Audio Recording and Playback Buttons

    • Record important radio conversations during calls, up to 3 minutes per recording
    • Playback recorded conversation from the radio as and when required

    Enhanced Audio

    • 1.5w Speaker provides loud and clear sound
    • Digital Mode reduces especially at fringe area

    Mixed Fleet Capability

    • Use in analogue mode with other compatible PMR446 Radios


    • 2 Pin Audio Connector
    • Microphone
    • Dedicated Audio Recording Button
    • Push to Talk Button
    • Programmable Side Buttons
    • Alphanumeric Keypad
    • On/Off Volume Button
    • Status LED
    • 1.5W Loudspeaker
    • Easy to See LCD Display
    • Channel/Option Selector Buttons
    • Keypad Lock/Unlock

    General Specifications

    • Frequency Range - Analogue - PMR446 (446.0 – 446.2 MHz), Digital - 446.1 - 446.2 MHz, 446.0 - 446.1 MHz **(446.0 - 446.1 MHz Available from January 2018)**
    • Number of Channels - 128 (4 Zones X 32 Channels)
    • Private Codes - Analogue - 219 Codes (CTCSS 38, DCS 181)
    • Channel Bandwidth - Digital - 6.25 kHz, Analogue - 12.5 kHz
    • Dimensions With Battery - 116 x 57 x 38mm
    • Weight with Standard Li-Ion Battery - 262g
    • Audio Output @ 8 ohm Internal Speaker
    • Average Battery Life @ 5/5/90 with Standard Li-Ion Battery - Up to 20 Hours with Battery Save on (500mW Tx Power)
    • Battery Voltage - 3.7V Li-Ion

    Receiver Specifications

    • Sensitivity - Analogue: < 26 dBuV/m, Digital - < 26 dBuV/m
    • Adjacent Channel Selectivity - Analogue - 82 dBuV/m, Digital - 50 dB
    • Intermodulation Response Rejection - Analogue - 77 dBuV/m, Digital - 71 dBuV
    • Spurious Response Rejection - Analogue - 92 dBuV/m, Digital - 76 dBuV
    • Blocking - Analogue - 106 dBuV/m, Digital - 90 dBuV
    • Spurious Radiations - Analogue: -57 dBm (<1GHz), -47 dBm (>1GHz), Digital: -57 dBm (<1GHz), -47 dBm (>1GHz

    Transmitter Specifications

    • Transmit Power (ERP) - 500mW for PMR446 and Digital PMR446 10mW for LPD
    • Frequency Error - Analogue - ± 1.5 kHz, Digital - ± 0.625 kHz
    • Radiated Spurious Emissions - Analogue: -36 dBm @ < 1 GHz, -30 dBm @ > 1 GHz, Digital -36 dBm @ < 1 GHz, -30 dBm @ > 1 GHz
    • Adjacent Channel Power - Analogue/Digital - 60 dB
    • Alternate Channel Power - Analogue/Digital - 70 dB
    Warranty12 months
    Key Features
    Radios for...Commercial (Site, Security etc)
    Transmission TypePMR446 (Licence Free)
    Digital or AnalogueAnalogue, Digital
    Single radio or multipackSingle Radio
    IP Rating-
    Vibrate AlertNo
    Technical Specifications
    Dimensions116 x 57 x 38mm
    Charger Dimensions-
    Battery TypeLi-ion
    Charge Time
    Battery Capacity-
    Standby Time-
    Talk Time-
    Please Note
    Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.

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