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BT Versatility 2 line Analogue Telephone System With 4 x V8 Handsets

£410.00 (Excl. VAT) £492.00 (Incl. VAT) RRP £639.60

    PMC Product Code: 8304

    • Configured for 2 x analogue PSTN lines x 8 hybrid extensions
    • Expandable to 8 x analogue PSTN lines or 16 x ISDN30 lines
    • Expandable to 40 Hybrid Extensions
    • Auto Attendant installed
    • Voicemail card installed
    • Direct Dialling In (DDI)

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    Condition: A-Grade


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    This BT Versatility package is designed with small businesses in mind and should meet the budgets of most small organisations.

    This package provides you with the input for 2 Analogue PSTN telephone lines and up to 8 extensions.

    4 x V8 system handsets are included, this leaves you with 4 free extension ports to add more handsets in the future.

    The BT Versatility is a scalable solution which can be expanded to up to 40 extensions and 8 analogue PSTN telephone lines.

    Included in this package

    • Line Capacity : 2 x Analogue Lines
    • Maximum Extensions : 8 Hybrid Extensions (Digital or Analogue)
    • Handsets Included : 4 x V8 Digital Display Handsets
    • Voicemail Included : 2 Port Voicemail / Automated Attendant Card
    • Warranty : Full 12 Month Warranty

    The BT Versatility Telephone System is one of the best selling Business Telephone Systems ever released into the market. It is extremely easy to install and program and is very well priced for customers with a small budget.


    It can grow from 8 extensions to 40, and connect up to 8 analogue telephone lines. It can also be changed to take up to 16 ISDN30 lines if you wish to change to digital at any point in the future.

    Direct Dialling In (DDI) can improve call routing and enhance call management, by providing more numbers that can be dialled into the organisation than there are lines.

    Choose from an impressive range of smart, practical feature phones, plus a powerful, easy-to-use expansion console.

    You can have your pick of more than 50 different call handling features – and have a different set working on each of the phones in your business.

    Voicemail can make missed calls a thing of the past and enable your business to stay open long after the office is closed.

    It can support music on hold with the use of a BT Versatility EMOH cable and music on hold player. It can also support home workers and remote office staff when combined with the BT Versatility Broadband Module. View related products below.

    BT Versatility V8 System Handset


    • Large display
    • 8 programmable keys
    • Excellent handsfree performance
    • Message waiting light
    • Data Port
    • Headset socket
    • Wall mountable
    • Saved number redial
    • Transfer
    • Conference
    • Page all/selected feature phone
    • Divert calls
    • Call pickup
    • Reminder call
    • Missed calls log

    System Specifications

    Type of system:

    • Hybrid/PBX

    ISDN 2 line:

    • Max 4 ISDN (2B+D) Basic Rate lines

    Analogue lines:

    • Max 8 Loop calling Guarded clear analogue lines


    • Max 40 V standard terminal
    • Max 40 V 8 – 8 key Featurephone
    • Max 40 V 16 – 16 key Featurephone
    • Max 8 V 16 expansion console – additional 32 programmable keys

    Extension capacity:

    • 40

    Extension loop resistance:

    • 100 ohms (0.7 km) 4-wire Feature Phones
    • 200 ohms (1.4km) Standard Telephone
    • 336 ohms (2 km) extension 52 only supplied on the Options Module

    System REN:

    • 40

    Central bell:

    • Separate port. In the Options module

    Central bell REN:

    • 2

    Extension cabling:

    • Standard 4 wire
    • Twisted pair 0.5 mm2 cu

    Remote access:

    • On ISDN or Analogue Lines. (Built in V32bis modem)

    Ringing voltage/frequency:

    • ± 40 V 25 Hz (trapezoid)

    Ringing cadences:

    • Incoming call: 400 ms on 200 ms off, 400 ms on 2.0 s off
    • Internal call: 1 s on 2 s off
    • Door intercom call: 400 ms on 2.6 sec off
    • Call recalling: 1s on 400 ms off, 400 ms on 1.2 s off

    Tone frequencies:

    • 440 Hz ±5 Hz, unless stated otherwise

    Tone Cadences:

    • Dial Tone: Continuous tone of 440 Hz ±5% and 350 Hz ±5% combined
    • Special dial tone: 800 ms on 800ms off of 440 Hz ±5% and 350 Hz ±5% combined
    • Ringback tone: 1 sec on 2 sec off
    • Busy tone: 500 ms on 500 ms off
    • Congestion tone: 200 ms on 200 ms off
    • Hold tone: 200 ms on 200 ms off, 200 ms on 3.4 s off
    • Conference tone: One burst of 400 ms
    • NU tone: Continuous tone
    • Call waiting tone: 100 ms on 4.9 s off

    Environmental requirements:

    • Normal working temperature: 0*C to 40*C
    • Working humidity (non-condensing): 5% to 95%
    • Storage temperature: -40*C to +85*C
    • Storage humidity: 5% to 95% @60*C

    Door Strike relay contact:

    • Max rating: 24 Volts DC, 2 Amps

    Safety and protection:

    • EN55022, EN55024, EN60950

    Mains supply voltage:

    • 230 ± 10% V 50 Hz

    Maximum power consumption:

    • 120 watts

    Standard 2-wire telephone signalling:

    • DTMF

    Standard 2-wire telephone recall signal:

    • Timed break

    Serial Port:

    • 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop bit speed programmable 115k2

    Tone on hold:

    • 200 ms on 200 ms off, 200 ms on 3.4 s off

    External Music on hold – options module is required:

    • Stereo 3.5mm jack connector
    • Input impedance 10k ohm
    • Nominal 775 mV RMS

    External Paging Port:

    • Output Level 25 - 32mA Impedance 600 ohm

    System speed dials:

    • Max. 500

    Extension current and voltage feed:

    • Voice: 40 volts 25 mA constant current
    • Data: 40 volts 10 mA constant current

    Dial tone duration:

    • 10 seconds

    Weight & Dimensions:

    • Weight: 3.5 kg
    • Dimensions HxWxD: 390mm x 295mm x 160mm
    Is this product a bundle?Yes
    Warranty12 months
    Specs / Users
    Please Note
    Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.

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    17 January
    Isabella Hunter
    Great system. I'll be switching to digital soon though.
    06 September
    Adam Lowe
    Had this in my office for a year and it still hasn't given me any trouble.
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