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Analogue Telephones

Our range of standard corded telephones for office or home will plug into any standard analogue UK socket - we stock a full range of corded telephones for a wide-range of applications such as standard home or office phones, inclusive telephones for people with hearing loss or eyesight issues. We have also put together a range of telephone and headset bundles to suit all budgets and requirements - here you'll also find our range of funky retro and vintage telephones from GPO.

Our Corded Telephone range also includes a selection of telephones for specific business needs, such as payphones alongside outdoor, weather sealed telephones and connection points. To compliment our business collection,we also stock a number of accessories, such as hood, boxes, shelves and trolleys.

Browse now and if you need any further help, please don't hesitate to contact our team via the live chat on the website, or by calling 0161 737 9898 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9-5).

Need a cordless phone? For information on our cordless phones & handsets view our cordless phone section and browse our range.

Corded Phones

For many business and home users, having a fixed line corded telephone close at hand is a necessity. We stock a full range of handsets for any requirements, from simple, plug & play to fully featured handsets with digital answering machines, large digital displays, headset ports, loudspeakers, digital memory and more. Browse our full range today from all the top manufacturers including BT, Polycom, ATL, Interquartz, Agent and more

Telephone & Headset Bundles

It can be difficult for the small business or home worker to choose a compatible telephone and headset, so we have done the work for you and put together a number of telephone and headset bundles at various price points to suit any budget or requirements. All our phones will plug in and work with any standard analogue BT connection port.

Retro Vintage and Novelty Telephones

We stock a full range of replica vintage telephones from GPO – browse our range now and find the retro phone that suits your décor perfectly today from a variety of styles and colour options we’re sure you’ll find the phone that fits you. All of our retro phones are designed to plug into any standard UK Analogue telephone port.

Inclusivity Phones

Our range of telephones specifically designed with inclusivity in mind, here you’ll find a range of handsets with the intention of allowing people with sight, hearing or mobility issues communicate more easily.  Features such as large buttons, large bright displays, loud speakers, clear, picture displays, hearing aid compatibility can be found in our full range of inclusive telephones.


Coin-operated telephones or Payphones are useful for communal areas where it’s necessary for the public to have access to communications, such as: pubs, cafes, supermarkets etc. We stock a full range from basic, small desk-top models, to larger, armoured models for greater security and heavier use.

Industrial Outdoor Telephones

From security to industrial site usage, our range of outdoor telephone points will suit the business that needs high quality handsets or comms points that will stand the rigours of every day use and everything the weather can throw at them.

Browse our range of Gai-Tronics and DAC units today!

Hoods, Cabinets and Shelves

Our range of telephone hoods, cabinets and shelves will compliment many of our Payphone or Industrial Outdoor Phone range where it’s necessary to give users a little shelter, an element of noise cancellation or security for your phone. Browse our range now and find a telephone hood, cabinet or trolley for your business today!