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Cordless Phones

Cordless Telephones

Cordless phones are leading the way in the future of telecommunications. In a busy working environment, it’s important to multitask and even be on your feet whilst you’re connected - a freedom which has become more important than ever before in home phones. Here at PMC Telecom, we offer a huge range of cordless phones which are available either as single handsets or in a set and are designed to make talking on the move a great deal easier. With great DECT digital clarity, great range, and convenience. DECT cordless phones are tailored to be both ergonomic and practical at the same time and each of them provides the same reliability and dependability that you would come to expect from any traditional office phone. So if you are looking for a communication device which helps you to give you DECT cordless freedom, why not try out one of our cordless telephones.

What is DECT?

DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications - it’s a bit of a mouthful, but it simply refers to the wireless technology which is widely used by the telecoms industry. It was created in 1988 and has been the standard ever since. DECT, the digital standard, replaced the old Analogue standard. It is used due to it’s improved call quality, improved security, and the ability to have a large number of handsets and have zero radio interference.

Which DECT Phones do you recommend?

We keep a blog updated with our recommended picks, if you'd like to find out which are the top 10 best cordless phones, then click now.

Questions about any of our cordless phones?

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What Are The Best Cordless Landline Phones In The UK?

If you’re looking for the best cordless landline phone, our comprehensive guide is here to help you choose.

Although most people seem to spend more time on their tablets and smartphones than they do on actual landline phones, there are still situations and scenarios where landline phones are better. For instance, if you are looking to have a long chat with a friend or relative at home and want to enjoy it without worrying about the signal cutting out or if you run a business and want an option for your office.

Landline phones are still incredibly useful communication devices to own. If you don’t want large buttons and dials to deal with and want the freedom to walk around the house or office without being tethered to the base, then you will want a cordless phone. Fortunately, thanks to the availability of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology, or DECT for short, the majority of landline phones tend to be cordless too.

We appreciate that there are a lot of options out there and looking for the best landline phones might be quite intimidating. That’s where we come in. We have done the heavy lifting, so to speak, and looked at what’s available on the market, tested it and made a concise list of what we feel are the top 10 best cordless phones available right now.

Before we dive into our list, we also wanted to provide you with a buying guide to help you figure out the model that’s best for your own specific needs and preferences.

Things to Consider When Buying Cordless Phones

When faced with buying a new cordless phone, you may be tempted to just pick the cheapest one. Although this may seem like a great way to get a bargain, it’s worth noting that cheapest doesn’t always mean best. In fact, it is rarely the case that it does.

There are more things than the cost that you need to consider when looking at cordless landline phones. Let’s look at some of the most important.

Build Quality

You don’t want to throw good money at a bad product. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the landline phone you choose is made to a very high standard using quality materials. This is why we mentioned earlier that price isn’t always indicative of a quality product. If you purchase one that is on the cheap for instance, the quality might not be up to much. After all, there is a reason why the manufacturer can afford to retail it for such a low price.

Reliability and Durability

It can be frustrating and time-consuming dealing with an unreliable telephone. Particularly if it is when you are at work and you have important clients or customers to speak to. You want a cordless phone that will work every time without fail. You also want one that will stand the test of time and not fall apart within weeks.


Another aspect of any cordless phone you are looking at is the range it offers. If you have a relatively small workplace or home, this won’t be too much of a concern. However, if you need to be able to walk around freely and have a larger property, investing in a phone with long-range capabilities is a must.

Talk Time

Cordless telephones are rechargeable, which is why you should be interested in the amount of talk time you get per charge. Think about the phone calls you make and consider how long you ever spend on one individual call. Use that number as a benchmark and find the phone that provides that talk time. It can be annoying, to say the least when your phone cuts out when you least expect it, so always make sure you buy a cordless phone with a battery life indicator.

Extra Features

Just as smartphones do more than just make voice calls and send text messages, modern landline phones often come with a selection of interesting features. Some are more practical and usable than others, depending on your needs. For instance, some offer VoIP capabilities. Voice Over Internet Protocol is a feature that means you can use your broadband line to connect your phone to other phones with VoIP capabilities to save money on the traditional call charges associated with your landline provider. This is excellent for speaking to friends, family, and colleagues who are based abroad but is also useful for making domestic calls too.

Another great feature to consider that many models benefit from is some kind of nuisance call blocking, so you never need to deal with cold callers and phone scammers again.

Which Cordless Phones do you Recommend?

For more information, click through to our blog to find out which we think are are the best cordless phones in the uk.

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