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GSM Desk Phones - Sim Free

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  1. NEO-PACTO - Auto-Dialler - 4G, GSM - Taxi Desk Phone
    £105.00 (Excl. VAT) £126.00 (Incl. VAT)

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 19434

  2. TELECOM500 GSM Taxi Phone With Faceplate - No Button - Black
    £110.00 (Excl. VAT) £132.00 (Incl. VAT)

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 17657

  3. NEO-PACTO 4G LTE GSM | Dual SIM Desk Phone
    £99.99 (Excl. VAT) £119.99 (Incl. VAT)

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 18348

    Manufacturer's Product Code: NEO-PACTO

  4. NERO-LTE 4G GSM WiFi Bluetooth Android Dual SIM Desk Phone
    £92.00 (Excl. VAT) £110.40 (Incl. VAT)

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 18349

    Manufacturer's Product Code: NERO-LTE

4 Item(s)

per page

SIM Free GSM Desk Phone

Whether you run a small business or a larger one and are looking for a lot more flexibility from your phone system to a traditional landline phone system, or it is just not feasible setting one up where you are, GSM deck phones, like the SIM-Free ones we have listed on this page, might be just what you need.

We understand that it’s likely that many of you reading this or who have clicked through have only heard of GSM phones through a blog post or a colleague or associate and know nothing other than the name.

At PMC Telecom, with more than 30 years in the telecommunications products and solutions retail sector, we are perfectly positioned to help you understand all you need to know about GSM phones. As well as discussing what they actually are, we will also highlight the reasons why you should, like many of our other business customers, consider them for your employees.

What Exactly is a GSM Desk Phone?

GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications and is basically the mobile connection that is being used. You see, GSM desk phones look and feel like regular desk phones but connect to a mobile network rather than the traditional landline phone network. This means that, although they are a little bigger than modern smartphones, they offer the same flexibility and portability.

All you need for them to work is a SIM card, which can be ordered through the relevant networks.

What Does SIM FREE GSM Desk Phones Mean?

This just means that the GSM Desk phones sold on this page do not come with a SIM from a specific mobile network-attached, meaning you can use the SIM card and network you wish. There are no options for 2G, 3G and even 4G GSM connections. As you may already know, the higher the G number, the better and faster the connection will be. However, as 3G and 4G are the generally accepted standards for businesses these days, these are the most common connection speeds you can expect.

So, if you want robust phones that allow all your employees’ handsets to connect up with one another without the need for a landline phone connection, GSM desk phones are worth investing in.

Our Commitment to Quality

We don’t believe it is by accident that we have managed to remain as one of the industry’s leading retailers and suppliers of telecommunications products and solutions since 1991. We think it is down to the hard work and dedication our team has put in over the last three decades, to make sure we were always delivering the best service to our customers so that they were always satisfied with the products and systems we stock.

We don’t believe in trying to sell subpar or inferior products and units to our customers, whether they are businesses or residential homeowners. That is why you will only find products designed and manufactured by the best in the business.

Only the Best Brands and Manufacturers in the Industry

In line with the above, within the SIM Free GSM Desk Phones category of our store, you will find models manufactured by Maxcom, Kammunica, Huawei, Capetune and Burnside. These are brands that have solid reputations, which means when you invest in their products, whether they are the lower end of the price range or the higher end, you know you are getting robust devices that will do the job.

Wide Range of Prices

As noted, we have customers from all backgrounds, both businesses and residential homeowners. Even within our business customers, they all have different budgets to play around with when it comes to investing in telecommunications equipment. That is why it doesn’t matter what your budget is, you will find a suitable and high-quality GSM desk phone right here. With prices ranging from £36.99 including VAT to £250.00 including VAT, we know we have something for everyone.

The cheaper models may lack special features and extra functionalities, but what they won’t lack is quality.

Still, Need Assistance? Our Team Are Waiting to Hear From You!

If this is indeed the first time you have ever come across GSM desk phones, then we understand if you are feeling a little unsure about which is the best model for you, or if GSM is the right kind of service for your business or other uses. Don’t despair or give yourself a headache trying to figure it out on your own, though, when our incredibly helpful and friendly customer service team are here to help.

They are knowledgeable about the products we stock and can give you advice and recommendations. Just give us a call on 0161 737 9898, drop us an email to or use the Contacting PMC Telecom page’s online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.