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Analogue Multi-Line System

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  1. Orchid PABX 416+ (Plus) Multi Line Analogue Telephone System
    £165.00 (Excl. VAT) £198.00 (Incl. VAT) RRP £249.99

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 6563

    Manufacturer's Product Code: PBX 416+

  2. Orchid KS832 Analogue PABX Multi Line Phone System
    £520.00 (Excl. VAT) £624.00 (Incl. VAT) RRP £811.20

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 6582

    Manufacturer's Product Code: KS832

  3. Orchid Analogue PBX 207
    £95.00 (Excl. VAT) £114.00 (Incl. VAT) RRP £132.60

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 11281

    Manufacturer's Product Code: PBX 207

  4. Orchid KS616 - 6 Line Telephone System - New
    £327.99 (Excl. VAT) £393.59 (Incl. VAT)

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 17162

    Manufacturer's Product Code: KS616

  5. Orchid KP624 Key Telephone - New
    £116.99 (Excl. VAT) £140.39 (Incl. VAT)

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 17163

    Manufacturer's Product Code: KP624

5 Item(s)

per page

Analogue Multi-Line Phone Systems

We like to make things easier for our customers here at PMC Telecom and thanks to our latest range of analogue multi-line systems you can run your operations a lot more smoothly. These devices can offer you a range of benefits including call forwarding, call transfer and auto attendant as well as other useful features.

Our range of analogue multi-line systems is perfect for businesses who are constantly adapting to the environment around them and are looking to grow in the near future. Manufactured to industry-leading standards, we only work with some of the most forward-thinking brands around like Orchid and Panasonic, so if you are looking for a great deal make sure you pay us a visit!

Analogue Multi-Line Systems

Communication is important for businesses now more than ever before. Customers will choose and remain loyal to brands based on the standard of customer service they receive. As a huge part of that customer service involves being available and reachable, then it’s important to consider the type of phone system you are currently using.

Perhaps you’ve only recently started growing as a company and have always been okay with just one or two telephone lines or you are looking to an alternative to just offering your mobile number and main office number.

With more than 30 years under our belt within the industry, we are one of the leading suppliers and retailers in the telecommunications sector, providing products, accessories, and full solutions to business and residential customers.

We have a variety of range of analogue multi-line phone systems that have been picked out by our expert team here at PMC Telecom to suit businesses of all sizes.

Benefits of Multi-Line Phone Systems

If you’re still not convinced a multi-line phone system is the best solution for your business, consider some of its benefits.


When you consider that a traditional phone line only allows for 2 calls at a time, if you have more than 2 customers or clients phoning you every day, then it is already worth switching.

Various Solutions

Another huge advantage of multi-line phone system is that they are versatile enough to offer different solutions for different companies. For instance, you may be looking to invest in a secondary line that means you don’t need to take personal calls just on your personal number, or perhaps are looking to install 10 extensions to share between remote and on-site staff. All of these setups and more are possible with multi-line systems.


Following nicely from the above, multi-line systems can grow as your business grows. Rather than needing to install more hardware, with most multi-line systems, you can simply just add the lines as and when you need them.

Better Organisation

Like most businesses, it’s likely you make and receive both internal and external calls. With a multi-line system, you can better organise these so there is no hassle or confusion when knowing how to direct the calls. Multi-line systems also make it easier for running conference calls.

More Professional

Having multiple lines can give your company a more professional image. The last thing you want is a customer or client trying to contact you and then deciding to go elsewhere because they don’t have confidence in your ability to handle several calls at the same time.

Practical Features

There are various practical features that you get the use of with a multi-line phone system that is not always available on standard phone lines. Many of these will give your company a more professional image, as when customers and clients are trying to contact you and there are no available lines, they will be given instructions regarding their options or kept on hold. You can even programme some to leave a unique message or play some relaxing music.

This includes:

  • Hold Call function
  • Caller ID
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Waiting

Our Quality Assurance

Since we were established in 1991, it has been an ongoing commitment to our customers, both new and existing, to always provide high quality in terms of service and the products we stock. We believe our success in the industry and that we are positioned as one of the leading telecommunications products suppliers and retailers, proves that we made the right choice.

We will not stock products that we don’t believe in or do not think will meet a customer’s needs.

All Budgets Catered To

As part of our commitment to customer service par excellence, we have also worked hard over the years to ensure that we cater to all of our customers, whether they are business owners, employees or residential users looking to improve their home telecommunications.

Different customers have different budgets. That is why you will notice that we have multi-line phone systems available at various price points. Granted, these are not inexpensive pieces of equipment, but we have still tried to ensure the customers with tighter budgets can find what they need.

Need Advice or Recommendations? Contact Our Customer Service Team

If you are looking for expert advice or recommendations because you are not entirely sure what the best analogue multi-line phone system would be for your business needs, get in contact. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have a highly experienced and friendly customer service team who are ready and willing to help you with any issues or questions you may have.

Getting in contact is easy – just send us an email to, call us on 0161 737 9898 or use the online contact form found on the Contacting PMC Telecom page.