Personalised, Royalty Free Music On Hold

Last updated on April 14th, 2021 at 11:47 am

PMC Telecom are now pleased to be able to offer a bespoke and personalised music on hold recording service.

Don’t fall foul of strict copyright regulations by using artist’s work without licence – have your own message recorded and make your company sound like the professionals that you are.

Bespoke music on hold graffic

We hire professional voice actors and have a selection of high quality and royalty free music available to choose from to be able to produce a unique “on hold” message for your company!

It’s easy to choose from an eclectic selection of music and a variety of voice actors by using our selection site here. Ordering your music on hold couldn’t be simpler — using a three step process:

  1. Using our music and voice selection page, find the music track and actor combination that you think suits your business the best.
  2. Choose your package, then place your order online – making note of your order number.
  3. E-mail PMC Telecom referencing your order number, including your script (or company info for the bespoke solution) along with your selections of actor and music selection.

One we have received your order and your follow up e-mail, we double check all the details and contact you if necessary to make any adjustments to ensure everything is correct before having your piece recorded and encoded in high quality mp3 format.

The finished product.
Once all is complete, this will be e-mailed over to you for you to use however you see fit – backup, make copies etc. It’s all yours!

We offer three flexible packages to suit your needs:


Basic Plus+


  • Create a recording of up to 300 words or 3 minutes in length
  • Our scriptwriting team will work with you to create the perfect script for your needs.
    You supply us with relevant business details and our scriptwriters will do the rest to create a script that really flows
  • Click here to view more details

Struggling for script ideas?

If you’re not a professional writer, it can take a lot of time to come up with a script that really flows and works well when read out loud. If you’re tackling the script writing on your own, or indeed if you’re using our bespoke scriptwriting service, we have listed some common things to mention  in your script. Feel free to use these to create the best “on hold” message that you can.

  • Opening line: Thank you for calling [[your company name]] our team knows you are waiting and will be with you shortly.
  • Opening times
  • List key products or services.
  • Address and or directions – (tip, save words/time by giving your postcode for sat nav directions)
  • Talk about advantages of your company, fast delivery, bespoke services, quality, certification, training etc.
  • Include your website address if possible, this will give your customer an opportunity to view your full products and services portfolio online.
  • Include your e-mail address as a point of contact for the customer.
  • Include any special offers

Need a music on hold player?

To play your newly recorded file, a dedicated music on hold player is a must. Standard mp3 or CD players usually rely on battery power alone and aren’t designed to run 24/7 so they just won’t cut the mustard. Of course we do offer a wide range of dedicated music on hold players to accommodate your newly produced recording, if this is something you need, then you may want to check out the range of music on hold players on our site. Click here to see our range of Music on hold players.

Music on hold players are designed to run all day, every day.