Jabra Evolve Are The #1 Headsets For Increasing Productivity

Last updated on May 11th, 2021 at 06:56 am

Jabra Evolve are the #1 headsets for increasing productivity

Headsets. Productivity. Evolved.

Businesses lose out on £250m/year from distractions at work – The Jabra Evolve is here to help

Businesses are losing out massively due to distractions within the workplace. Managers and business owners are starting to embrace using tech to re-energise and keep their staff on track. Here we take a look at how businesses can potentially benefit from using a state of the art Jabra Evolve headset.

The Jabra Evolve series are cutting edge headsets designed for business use. Their design centres around productivity and as such include comfort and sound quality making it a stand out product. We are going to try and focus mainly on the Jabra Evolve 80 for the purposes of this article. But most points stand for the entire Evolve range.

The Cost Of Distractions At Work

Managers and company owners of intelligence-based companies, IE: A creative agency, need to embrace the fact that tech can help productivity massively.

  • £250 million is the cost of distractions for UK business
  • It takes the average worker 23 minutes to refocus on a task after being interrupted at work
  • 50% of interruptions are “non-self interruptions”
  • Work interruptions can cost your staff up to 28% of their working day
  • Desk distractions make up around 70 days a year
  • Brits get on average of 22 minutes of totally uninterrupted time per concentration session

Most common distractions & interruptions in a UK office environment

According to data released by Samsung in April 2015, the top 7 office distractions are:

  • Loud Talkers – 57%
  • The Phone Ringing 39%
  • Meetings 26%
  • Emails 22%
  • Making Tea Rounds 18%
  • Office Gossips 16%
  • People Typing Loudly 12%

I wouldn’t suggest that anybody reduces the time taken to make tea rounds (productivity would plummet, and this article would never get finished) but between loud talkers, office gossip and people typing loudly, that accounts for a staggering 85% of office distractions.

Let’s keep it realistic and take gossip away as well since I want to talk about the benefits of a headset, not dictate how to run an office. That being said: This still leaves a massive 69% of distractions that could be directly influenced by an intelligent headset choice.

This is no surprise though, as a survey recently conducted by Jabra found 69% of knowledge workers claim that noise has a negative impact on their performance in the workplace. In the last decade, the number of knowledge workers has doubled whilst the space each worker uses has more than halved, from 50m2 to just 20m2.

Here’s why I personally recommend the Jabra Evolve and the potential savings of introducing high-end Jabra Evolve headsets in the workplace:

It improves productivity. As the Digital Manager here at PMC Telecom I am challenged to keep our team focused, motivated and on track. The Evolve 80 was recommended to me by one of the team here, and I love it so much that I had to write a post about it.

I’m also very picky. I wear glasses, and headset manufacturers don’t seem to take this into account. I have an extremely expensive gaming headset at home, it puts way too much pressure on the arms of my glasses and is just uncomfortable. The Jabra Evolve range doesn’t seem to have this issue at all.

The Jabra Evolve range has a fantastic set of features too. They really did think of pretty much everything.

The Jabra Evolve

Boom Mic: A superbly designed mic. It’s not winning any fashion awards this year, but it does exactly what it’s supposed to – provides extremely high-quality audio to the person you are talking to with absolute minimum background noise. The noise-cancelling technology is some of the best-in-class noise-cancelling we have ever seen. Bonus: The mic tucks into the headband, allowing you to easily tuck it in for listening to music while you work, or to pop around your neck without the mic getting in your way.


Wireless/NFC: The advertised range from Jabra is definitely up to standard, with the Jabra 65 being advertised at 30 metres. As far as I can tell, this seems to be true. When testing I tried taking a call from my desk in the office, to somewhere around 30 metres away in the warehouse. Can’t really say more than “it works”

But a more unique feature that the Jabra Evolve 40 and 80 have exclusively is “Jabra Intelligent Call Transfer” – this is awesome. It’s exclusive to the 40 and 80 range, but honestly, I have no idea how I would go back to using a headset without it. How does it work? You simply unplug your Jabra 40/80 from your inline USB call controller (it’s easy to whip out) and plug it into…anything else (within reason) – and voila! The call is instantly transferred.

Jabra is taking user experience to the next level with this headset. I personally frequently find myself in need of standing up from my desk during a call and going somewhere else. I transfer the call to my smartphone for this – it works great.

Passive Noise Cancellation: – The Jabra Evolve has some seriously good noise-cancelling technology across the range. You are able to use a button on the side of the headset to switch on/off passive noise cancellation. This means you can easily tap a button to listen in on co-workers if required, without the need to keep taking your headset on and off.

Busy Lights: – When used correctly, you can use this headset to effectively communicate with your colleagues without being disturbed. To use you simply tap a button on the side of the headset, and a soft red glow appears on the side of the headset. This notifies colleagues if you are in the “zone”.

Jabra Intelligent Call Transfer: – This feature is available on the 40 and 80 models, in combination with Skype for Business. This will allow users to keep the headset on, and keep the conversation flowing while seamlessly switching devices. On your softphone and want to transfer to your mobile? No problem.

The Jabra Evolve series is a seriously high-quality headset, with some of the best features we have seen. With the best noise-cancelling we have experienced and the implication for greater productivity we can safely say this is one of our favourite headsets right now.


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