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trueCall Nuisance Call Blocker

£83.29 (Excl. VAT) £99.95 (Incl. VAT) RRP £129.94

    PMC Product Code: 3850

    Manufacturer's Product Code: TC3

    • You decide who you want to speak to
    • Rejects unwelcome callers
    • Removes you from telemarketer's lists
    • As seen on Dragons' Den
    • 1000 Number Memory
    • Onboard Answering Machine (up to 30 messages or 15 minutes capacity)
    • Co-operation with 1571 network voicemail service
    • Anonymous caller reject

    Stock status: Discontinued

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    As seen on Dragons' Den

    Rid yourself of unwanted cold callers & nuisance callers politely and quickly.

    TrueCall is your nuisance call blocker. It checks every call you receive before letting your phone ring. It connects your friends, family and invited callers straight through but stops all sorts of nuisance calls - telemarketing, silent calls, market researchers, calls from overseas call centres, fax calls, offensive or threatening calls, misdials, wrong numbers and recorded message calls.

    trueCall is easy to use - just plug it in and go!

    It has an integrated answering machine, and for the more adventurous, there are plenty of features that allow you handle calls exactly the way you want.

    With trueCall every call is a true call.

    • You decide who you want to speak to
    • Smaller than a paperback and plugs into any home telephone line - even those with broadband
    • Easy to setup and use
    • Rejects unwelcome callers
    • Removes you from telemarketer's lists
    • 1000 Number Memory
    • Onboard Answering Machine (up to 30 messages or 15 minutes)
    • Co-operation with 1571 network voicemail service
    • Anonymous caller reject
    • Call recording

    Screen all unrecognised callers - Some people screen all their calls - they like to send all callers to their answering machine, listen to the message being left, and then only pick up if it is someone they want to talk to. trueCall goes one better than this - it allows Starred callers through, but screens all other callers.

    Co-operation with your 1571 network voicemail service - If you have a 1571 network voicemail service (BT’s Call Minder, Answer 1571, etc.) it won’t be taking messages for you - trueCall’s Message Manager will be your primary answering machine. Network voicemail services do, however, have one special feature - they can take a message from anyone who calls you when you are already engaged on a call. trueCall has a unique feature to take advantage of this. A few moments after you hang up at the end of each call, trueCall checks your 1571 network voicemail service to see whether a message was left while you were engaged on your last call. If there is a message, it rings your phone to tell you that you have a new message, and gives you the option to listen back to it.

    Call Screening - monitoring messages as they are being left - trueCall will announce all unrecognised callers. If you don’t want to speak to a particular caller, you can tell trueCall to send them to Message Manager to take a message. Call Shielding - If a call is Shielded, trueCall plays the Shield announcement after the personal greeting, but before the Whisper announcement. This says:- "If you are family or a friend please press 5, if you are a cold caller please hang up and don’t call us again" This is a default setting, you can record your own if you prefer. When they hear the Shield message, cold callers are legally obliged to hang up and to put you on their do-not-call list so that nobody from their company will call you again. Shield is an additional step for your friends who only call you occasionally, so it is turned off by default.

    Anonymous caller reject - If you have Caller ID on your phone line, you can tell trueCall to reject all anonymous callers - all callers who withhold their calling number. WARNING: Anonymous Caller Reject is very effective at blocking malicious calls, but be aware that it may also block calls that you do want to receive. Doctors, hospitals, the Police, government organisations and many companies routinely withhold their numbers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How does trueCall handle my calls?
    A. trueCall has a range of intelligent call management facilities to handle your calls.

    Q. Will trueCall work on my broadband line?
    A. trueCall will work happily alongside your broadband connection - just unplug your telephone and plug into trueCall .

    Q. Which network providers does trueCall support?
    A. trueCall will work on standard domestic telephone lines from all the main telephone providers. It works best if you have the Caller ID service from your phone supplier (this is currently available free from BT).

    Q. Can I use any telephone with trueCall?
    A. trueCall will work with a wide range of telephone equipment - cordless DECT phones, cordless analogue phones, text message phones, even Mickey Mouse phones! It works best with a modern cordless phone system.

    Q. Does trueCall work with answering machines?
    A. trueCall includes Message Manager, its own powerful answering machine. If you have a separate answering machine, unplug it or switch off any answering facilities provided by your telephone.

    Q. Can I use trueCall at work?
    A. trueCall was designed to be connected to a domestic exchange line. It will not operate correctly if it is plugged into a company switchboard, or anywhere that you have to dial '9' for an outside line.

    Q. What if there is a power cut? A. trueCall has been designed to allow you to continue making and receiving calls even if there is a power cut. Q. How much power does trueCall use?
    A. trueCall uses less than one percent of the power of a standard light bulb! It is an Energy Star certified product - products that have earned the Energy Star certification perform much more efficiently and use about one-third of the energy of conventional products. Energy Star is a joint programme of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping to save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products.

    Q. Will trueCall work with my SMS/Text message phone?
    A. Some modern phones can send and receive text messages (SMS phones). trueCall will allow your phone to send and receive text messages.

    Q. Where should I locate my trueCall?
    A. You can plug trueCall into any telephone extension socket in your house. If you have a cordless phone system, TrueCall must be located with the base station, otherwise, since trueCall is also your answering machine, put it in a convenient place for checking your messages.

    Q. How will trueCall handle automated messages that I want to receive - for example from neighbourhood watch?
    A. Just put the phone number of the line that sends you these messages onto your Star list, and trueCall will put these calls straight through to you.

    Q. Can I configure trueCall?
    A. trueCall has plenty of features that allow you handle calls exactly the way you want.

    Press reviews: “The Cold Call Killer” – BBC Computer Shopper magazine Ultimate Award Gadget of the week – The Independent Ideal Home Show featured product 2009 Lambeth Council Innovation in Business Award “Genius” – “A great bit of technology - it’s awesome!” – Channel 5 Gadget Show Five stars in product reviews – “Object of desire” – BBC Magazine “Gadget has stopped our nightmare” – Yours magazine “Neat and effective. Options too numerous to list here are designed to deal with just about any conceivable type of telephone nuisance.” – Personal Computer World Please be aware - In order for you to access the internet control pannel, truecal will send information to their server. This information is sent during the night at around 12:00am - 1:00am when most calls are free, it is a 14 second call and can be turned off or managed manually.

    Warranty12 months
    Please Note
    Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.

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    07 June
    Miles Vancove
    Amazing! The Truecall did everything it said it would, fast delivery was a bonus, too!!!
    15 November
    PRO'S This machine has been a god send.Has stopped dead marketing company's & silent calls, being able configure calls to suit on web site very easy Quality of voice in answer phone could be better, but a small price to pay for control over your own phone !
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