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RTX 4002 GAP Compatible DECT Repeater (Range Extender)

£80.00 (Excl. VAT) £96.00 (Incl. VAT) RRP £99.99

    PMC Product Code: 2095

    Manufacturer's Product Code: 95105281

    • Works well with Panasonic
    • Wall mountable
    • GAP compatible
    • Effectively doubling the range of your DECT cordless phones

    Stock status: Discontinued

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    The RTX 4002 DECT Repeater is intended for use in residential, business and public DECT applications based on the GAP profile, there are two internal antennas that can be used to extend the effective range of any standard DECT GAP base station. The repeater then automatically assigns itself the first available RPN number. If more repeaters have to be assigned to the same base station, the procedure just has to be repeated. The repeaters automatically keep track of the next available RPN number. A total of 6 repeaters can be assigned to each DECT GAP base station.

    The RTX4002 features the new unique automatic registration method that allows the repeater to automatically assign itself to any given DECT GAP base station. To register the user simply places the repeater in close proximity to the base station (within 2 metres), opens the base station for registration and turns on the repeater.

    The RTX4002 measures only 120x130x35 mm and can easily be mounted on walls.

    • Works well with the Panasonic
    • GAP compatible

    We now offer our expert Set-up and Programming service for all our DECT Repeaters. This fantastic service is carried out by our expert engineers who Pre-Register your repeater with a compatible Cordless Telephone (This must also be purchased from PMC). Please contact us for advice on compatible phones.

    We do not recommend setting up a repeater unless you have a clear technical knowledge as it can be very time consuming. You can buy a repeater without the set-up service but we cannot guarantee compatibility or offer extensive Technical Support.

    Warranty12 months
    Please Note
    Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.

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    30 August
    Adam Scott
    Initially had issues with this product, but this is mainly down to the documentation not being able to cover so many different models of phone. The 'chirp' on the line for identifying the unit is described as a tone in the instructions, but 'chirp' is a better description, it sounds more like a breakup in the call. This confused me as it's easy to activate by accident when you're constantly resetting the unit trying to get it to work. I've used these with Panasonic KXTG-652x series phones and the instructions don't quite match. The units seem to 'automatically' connect, but they don't actually register with the base station, if another base station is in range, they switch over to the one with the strongest signal automatically. You have to follow the manual registration procedure described on this website, but with a slight change... Setup the repeater for manual registration, press and hold the 'page' button on the base station, then when the LED on the repeater flashes frantically, you need to press the page button again briefly on the base station before you press the green call button on the phone and assign a number. Also, the number you assign to the repeater is not related to the number of handsets, we already had the maximum 6 handsets assigned to our base station but adding a repeater worked fine. It's also worth changing the way the repeater faces if you are having problems, it's presumably not an omni-directional antenna because turning the repeater to roughly face the base station worked far better in our tests.
    20 March
    Adrian Walter
    Like many others I nearly didn't buy this product due to the 'issues' everyone seemed to have setting it up with Panasonic phones...however...after reading the post on this site this and a few other posts like it elsewhere I went for it and it set up automatically in about 10 seconds (once I'd remembered to switch the handset to repeater mode - doh!). The only confusion was (as mentioned on this site) the 'tone' which I thought was the out of range tone but was in fact the 'verification tone'. Consequently, although the unit had set itself up perfectly as soon as I plugged it in, I spent about 20mins doing manual setups before realising that the 'chirp' was just the verification tone and I could deactivate it! Another 10 seconds following the procedure in the manual later and I had a fully functioning unit! The setup procedure flow charts are excellent, they just need and extra step to point you to the verification tone section. Quality is brilliant - 5 star product (with 4.5 star instructions!)
    04 December
    Found this a little hard to set up, however when it eventually was, i had no complaints and would buy again
    13 June
    Brilliant item, brilliant service, need i say more
    17 October
    P Edgar
    Does what it says on the box!
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