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  1. Fortune MOH 4400 Music On Hold Player

    £399.95 (Excl. VAT) £479.94 (Incl. VAT) RRP £623.93

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 9222

    Manufacturer's Product Code: FORTHMOH4400

  2. Fortune MOH 4100 Music On Hold Player

    £179.95 (Excl. VAT) £215.94 (Incl. VAT) RRP £280.73

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 9220

    Manufacturer's Product Code: FORTHMOH4100

  3. Fortune MOH 4000 Music On Hold Player With 300 Pre-Made Messages - New

    £99.95 (Excl. VAT) £119.94 (Incl. VAT) RRP £191.94

    Stock status: In Stock

    Condition: Brand New

    Customer Rating

    PMC Product code: 8787

    Manufacturer's Product Code: 4000-NEW

  4. Fortune MOH 1200 High Quality MP3 Music On Hold Player - USB

    Stock status: Discontinued

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 8482

    Manufacturer's Product Code: MOH1200/USB

  5. Fortune Radius 300 Telephone

    Stock status: Discontinued

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 3022

    Manufacturer's Product Code: GT221

  6. Fortune Radius 100 Telephone

    Stock status: Discontinued

    Condition: Brand New

    PMC Product code: 3021

    Manufacturer's Product Code: GT220

6 Item(s)

per page

Telephones and Music on Hold Players

In business, especially in client-facing and customer-facing businesses, communication is incredibly important. You need to make sure you are as accessible to the people interested in buying your products and using your services, or you could lose potential sales or have disgruntled customers and clients.

Obviously, one of the best ways to ensure you can handle the volume of calls coming through your business phone lines is to have enough staff manning the phones. However, unless you have a remarkable and impossibly consistent flow of calls all the time with no peaks and no troughs, this may be a bit like overkill

Music And Messages On Hold

Another great solution is to play music or messages while customers hold. While it may not seem like everyone’s cup of tea, you would be surprised how many customers hang on and wait for the next available operator because there is a catchy tune or an informative message or just something that passes the time.

At PMC Telecom, thanks to our long and illustrious history as a leading retailer and supplier of telecommunications equipment and accessories, we understand the practical value of having music on hold. That is why we stock the following Fortune Telephones and Music on Hold Players. If you are not convinced they are right for your business, consider some benefits.

Why You Need Music on Hold Players

Retail Customers

There is strong evidence that supports when customers are not presented with any alternative and dial-through hoping to hear one of your team and only hear an engaged tone - they tend to hang up. When you use some nice music or even a helpful message instead of silence or an irritating tone, they are more likely to hold the line a little longer.

It's More Professional

AS well as keeping your customers entertained while they wait for you to handle their call, music on hold also enhanced how professional they see your company. Especially when compared to one that has just silence or he engaged tone. As crazy as it may sound, some customers that are left on hold in silence may wonder why you haven’t got music playing, they may even think it's due to a lack of available budget.

Use it For Selling Purposes

Did you know that many music on hold players will not only play music but pre-recorded messages over the music too? That means you could take advantage of this, like many other businesses and use it to upsell new products and services or draw attention to existing ones. You have a captive audience because ultimately, whether they like it or not, if they want you to deal with their problem or answer their question, they have to wait for one of your team to become available, and therefore have to listen to whatever message you put on the on-hold music.

Why Choose Fortune Telephones and Music on Hold Players?

There are several options out there, so why would we recommend you choose a music on hold player from Fortune? Fortune enjoy a good reputation within the industry and are known for designing and manufacturing high-quality products and solutions.

Another reason for choosing Fortune is if you are looking for the best range of prices. At PMC Telecom, we know that while all businesses may need phones and even music on hold players, not all businesses have the same budgets to spend on these products and devices. When it comes to Fortune devices we have three main products for sale at the moment, each at different price points.

Why Shop With PMC Telecom

Now you’ve decided which Fortune telephone and music on hold player you are interested in, you may wonder why you should buy it from PMC Telecom. For one thing, we are incredibly passionate about what we do and interested in delivering the best experience for our customers at the best prices. Our prices have been set competitively and are among the lowest in the industry.

Still, Need Further Assistance or Help? Speak to Our Team Directly

It can often be intimidating and a little confusing when there are a variety of options to choose from and you just want to invest in the best product for your business. Don’t scratch your head or stress out over it though, as our customer service team are here to help.

Highly trained and extremely knowledgeable, they can offer answers to your questions, suggestions, and recommendations. You simply need to act and contact us, which can be done by several methods. Either by using the contact form on the Contacting PMC Telecom page, phoning us on 0161 737 9898 or emailing It really is that simple and hassle-free.