Buybacks for Conference Phones

We buyback your old Polycom & Konftel headsets for cash!

For further information on conference phone buybacks, please fill out the form below, carefully listing the goods you have to offer and a member of our team will be in touch soon.

Details of your Buyback

Here at PMC Telecom we don't believe that equipment can become quickly past its sell-by date, but we do understand the need that a business has to continually upgrade. That's why when you've finished with your old conference phone we will happily buy it back off you – and give you cash for it!

Many companies look to change or upgrade their equipment from time to time, and for some people it can be hard to find a place to dispose of your current equipment – that's where PMC can help. We will buyback your conference phone equipment for a great price, giving you cash that you would otherwise have simply "thrown away".

Here at PMC Telecom we will buyback a range of conference phone systems including Polycom, Konftel, Clear One and Panasonic.

Pounds Recycle

Making sure you dispose of your electronic equipment safely

It's not always easy to safely dispose of your electronic equipment, but under the EU WEEE Directive it is now a legal obligation for all companies to safely dispose of any electrical equipment that they have, for free.

Luckily at PMC Telecom we offer a buyback service which helps you to do this. So if you are looking to make money off your unwanted conference unit, just fill in the box below and see what we can do for you!