Top Ten Wireless Headphones

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So you want to get the benefit from one or more wireless headsets for your home office setup or call centre. There are a lot out there, so we understand that it can be difficult to choose the best from the available choice. That’s why we’ve put this guide together, covering what we think are the top cordless headsets are.

MS Monaural Business DECT Wireless USB Noise Cancelling Headset

First up in our guide, we have this Monaural Business DECT wireless headset. It comes complete with many of the most important features for a very reasonable price. Fully MS-certified, it provides a very practical range of 120-metres and 8 hours when using narrow-band sound and 6 hours when using wide-band sound mode and a maximum of 36 hours standby.

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image of monaural dect wireless headset

MS Premium Binaural Wireless Noise Cancelling Headset

Another Microsoft Certified, the binaural wireless headset offers a combination of cutting-edge noise-cancelling capabilities with an all-day talk time that means you only need to charge it outside of normal office hours. If you are establishing a call centre or need several handsets connected, you can connect 5 of these headsets and they benefit from meeting the specifications for Skype for Business.

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image of binaural noise cancelling headset for pcdesk phone and mobile phones

MS Flex Bluetooth Wireless USB Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation

Perhaps you are not looking for a full-size headset with a headband and instead prefer earphones. The Flex Wireless has been designed and certified to work with MS. Although they may seem a little small and would be unable to amplify sound loud enough, there’s no need to worry as they use active noise cancellation. What’s more, your colleagues or family members will know not to disturb you if you’re on a call thanks to the Busy Light.

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MS Element Monaural Wireless Headset

It may you want to stay alert to what’s going on while still being able to field calls from customers and clients. In terms of talk time, you get a reasonable 7 to 9 hours and 50 hours’ worth of standby before you need to recharge it. Even with just one ear delivering sound, thanks to the Surround Shield noise-cancelling technology, you will always hear everything crystal clear.

image of microsoft element monaural wireless headset for pc desk phone and mobile phone

MS Professional Binaural Wireless Noise Cancelling Headset

Are you looking for the best of the best or something close enough? Then this Professional Binaural wireless headset could be just what you are after. It has been designed to provide reliable, consistent and pristine sound quality. Fully certified and compatible with Microsoft applications, whatever you use for your work you can use in conjunction with this wireless headset.

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image of microsoft binaural wireless noise cancelling headset for pc desk phone and mobile phone

MS Element Binaural Wireless Headset

Another great MS-ready and fully certified is this Element Binaural option and comes with a variety of connection choices. You can either use the USB or Bluetooth connection depending on your setup and can switch between monaural and binaural headbands, even switching to a completely different headband during a call. It is easy to set up and has a much longer life than many other models available. With Surround Shield and Sound Defender tech, the quality of your calls and your ear health are both protected.

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binaural wirelss headset

Plantronics CS540 Convertible DECT Cordless Headset

Coming in a lot less expensive than many of the other models we’ve featured is the first of the Plantronics headsets we want to highlight. The CS540 is lightweight and offers a reasonable 120-metre wireless range. Given you can connect four headsets up to a single call, it’s ideal for those important sales appointments.

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plantronics cs540 convertible dect cordless headset

Plantronics Voyager B4220 UC – Binaural Bluetooth Headset

The next Plantronics headset we’ve selected is the B4220 UC Binaural model. This offers SoundGuard Digital Tech that protects against those irritating audio spikes that can make important calls hard to take. With a maximum roaming range of 30-metres, and as much as 12 hours of talk time and 15 hours of listen time, it is more than enough for the average working day.

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image of plantronics voyager b4220 uc binaural bluetooth headset

Plantronics Voyager UC Noise Cancelling Headset Without Stand

Made to the same high standard as other Plantronics headsets, these wireless headsets offer Active Noise Cancelling tech to provide you with uninterrupted calls, no matter how busy your office or home is. Whether you are looking to take calls or concentrate on your work while listening to music, this is the pair you need.

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image of plantronics voyager focus noise cancelling headset without stand

Plantronics Savi OTH Binaural DECT Emea Headset

The last in our list is also from Plantronics and is the Savi OTH Binaural DECT Emea headset. It offers the standard 120-metres, which is more than enough for most normal office sizes, and provides 9 hours of talk time.

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image of plantronics savi oth binaural dect emea headset