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Last updated on June 9th, 2022 at 11:04 am

There are basic must have features that every office manager ought to have in mind when choosing a new headset for their phone system. Namely: sound quality, comfort, range, battery life and cost. The Plantronics CS540 DECT headset manages to include all of the above features whilst maintaining a sleek and slick design that would look great in any office.

Sound Quality

Of course sound quality is the most important feature of any headset; ensuring that calls are of the highest audio quality when staff are communicating with each other as well as with customers is vital.

The CS540 uses DECT technology to eliminate interference from WiFi networks as well as CAT-iq technology for advanced high definition voice quality. As with the majority of Plantronics headsets the CS540 comes with a noise-cancelling microphone and enhanced digital signal processing to provide a natural sound whilst reducing background noise.

In short: the sound quality is of the highest standard.


Comfort is a feature that is often labelled as trivial in the same category as design – in other words if it looks and feels nice then it’s a bonus, not a necessity. However, when people are wearing headsets for up to 8 hours a day then it is the duty of the office manager to provide comfortable hardware for their team.

Pep talks and meetings may be good for office morale but the best way to ensure productivity among members of staff is to make sure that everyone is happy and comfortable.

The Plantronics CS540 is super-lightweight (22g) and comes with patented SoundGuard software protecting users against sound levels above 118 decibels as well as a number of comfort-tested wearing options.

“We upgraded our office headsets to the Plantronics CS540 model and the change in office dynamic has been instantly noticeable. Our team is more mobile, more productive and more comfortable than before.”

Summarising the Plantronics CS540

Using a headset is a guaranteed method of increasing productivity within the workplace with handsfree calls allowing users to multitask; the Plantronics CS540 has a wireless range of up to 120 metres with an electronic hookswitch cable to remotely answer and end calls.

As well as enabling staff to be more mobile whilst on a call, the device also has the ability to connect up to four headsets on a single conference call. The battery life lasts up to 7 hours with software that automatically shifts to low power when the device is running low; all CS500 series headsets come with a standard charging base which charges the device whenever it isn’t being used.

One of the main issues office managers face when choosing headsets is the cost involved, particularly when buying in bulk. Obviously if you spend as little as possible then you’re going to end up with a device that offers basic features, functionality and comfort but that does not mean to say that you have to splash out huge amounts of money for high end headsets.

Available today at PMC Telecom

We sell the Plantronics CS540 headset brand new at £104.99 with A-Grade models available from £89.00 and discount when bought in bulk.

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