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There's nothing more frustrating than being out when an important call comes in for you, but luckily with our range of business answering machines, you'll never find yourself missing out on this important information again! Combining sophistication with style, our state-of-the-art digital answering machines will ensure that your messages are captured and replayed with ease, so you will never miss an important call again.

At PMC Telecom we offer a range of feature-rich, digital answering machines, suitable for any business of any size - or any home worker/household. Our varied range is feature-rich and offers a multitude of different functions including extended digital recording time, outgoing messages, conversation recording and remote access.

As a business, you will likely be dealing with a large volume of incoming calls on a daily basis and unfortunately you can't always get to the phone in time to give your clients a response. It's easy to lose potential leads through missed calls and it's crucial to any business that you have some way to record these calls and ensure that you do respond to potential clients. That's where a high quality business answering machine can really help.

At PMC Telecom we offer a wide range of High Specification Business Answering Machines which are incredibly feature-rich and are designed to ensure that you never miss that important call, or message, again. With a long digital recording time and the ability to record your own messages, our high-quality business answering machines will ensure that you never miss that potential client again!