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USB/PC VoIP Phones

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  1. Plantronics Calisto P240 USB VoIP Phone Inc Stand

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  2. Plantronics Calisto P240-M USB VoIP Phone Inc Stand

    £53.23 (Excl. VAT) £63.88 (Incl. VAT) RRP £83.99

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    Condition: Brand New

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2 Item(s)

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If your business operates a VoIP phone network then from time to time chances are you will want the ability to simply plug in a telephone and go. That's where our range of handy USB/PC VoIP Handsets can really come to the forefront, giving you a portable option that can easily plug into your computer system as you need it.

Our range of plug and play VoIP phones are ideal for PC telephony users both in the office and out of the office, and each offers a range of features that can really benefit you. Some of the features that our phones offer include clear LCD displays, true wideband audio performance, long length USB cables, speakerphone functionality and much more. In addition, our phones can be easily integrated into your VoIP network providing you with the perfect opportunity to streamline and save money on your phone system in one go.

USB VoIP Phones

Does your business have a VoIP phone system in place or are you planning on investing in one any time soon? If you are, that is when it may be time to invest also in USB VoIP phones. These offer an additional quality that makes them easier than others to set up and use. USB VoIP phones are phone handsets that plug directly into your phone and are compatible with a full range of different VoIP applications.

Benefits of USB VoIP Phones

What makes USB VoIP phones stand out from other VoIP phones?

Plug and Play Installation

Rather than traditional RJ11 phone cables, USB phones, as the name suggests, are fitted with USB cables.

Although there are many different VoIP, SIP, and IP phones available, one of the major advantages USB phones offer is their plug and play installation. You don’t need to do much else other than to connect them to your computer and then you have a fully functional phone.

Many Great Features

At PMC Telecom, we have a comprehensive range of USB VoIP phones, that many of which have excellent, very practical features you can get the benefit from. Features like:

  • LCD displays to make it easier to see on the handset what you are dialing
  • True wideband audio performance
  • Extra-long length cables (longer than standard USB cables)
  • Speakerphone capabilities

Easily Scalable

Another major benefit of investing in USB VoIP phones for your business phone system is the fact that they make it easy to establish and scale up that network. You only need to buy a phone handset every time you want to add another user to the network. There is no complicated process or additional components you need.

Benefits of VoIP Phones

The benefits you can gain from USB phones are already in addition to the great benefits you get from using VoIP compatible phones.

We have discussed VoIP phones and their advantages at great length elsewhere, but as a brief overview, here are some of the key benefits:

  • Lower cost – because you are using the phone over the internet connection, you are avoiding line rental fees and more expensive call costs, especially when calling international numbers.
  • Better call quality – VoIP calls offer better connection quality and call sound quality than traditional landline or even smartphone phones.
  • Portability – as a VoIP phone network is established online, there is no need for any of your employees to be hooked up at your workplace. If they work from home, travel a lot for business needs, or commute between several different sites, they can always use their USB VoIP phone to connect to the same network, regardless of where they are.

Why Choose PMC Telecom

Whether you are convinced you to need to invest in one or more of these great USB VoIP phones we have in stock here at PMC Telecom, you may still need a little convincing as to spend your money at our store. That’s okay, if this you’re the first time, we’re glad you are being cautious.

To help you feel more confident, it’s worth noting that we have been in business and working in the industry for over 30 years now, since 1991.

In that time, we have enjoyed and worked hard to maintain a strong and consistently good reputation with our diverse customer base. From big and small companies with business-critical needs for phone systems to homeowners looking to save money on phone calls while benefitting from the enhanced call features. They all know when they choose to buy phones, related accessories, or full-scale solutions from us, that they are getting high-quality products.

All Budgets Covered

As we do have different customers from different backgrounds, they all have different budgets to play around with for their telecommunications needs. For instance, a homeowner looking to improve and upgrade their landline phone will not have the same budget available as even the small business that needs to buy several USB phones for its small office space. But at the same time, they won’t have the same budget to play around with as a large-scale business that needs to invest in phones for several offices.

That is why we make sure we have phones and products available at various price points, to satisfy the needs of our diverse customers.

Need Help Deciding? Contact PMC Telecom Today

We are a customer-focused retailer and supplier that wants to help our customers get the best phones and other necessary equipment that meets their needs for affordable prices. Therefore, if you have any questions, queries or just need suggestions and recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can be reached by calling on 0161 747 9898, emailing, or using the contact form found on the contact page. Our team of customer agents are highly trained, friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful and waiting to help you.