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Project Telecom

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Project Telecom

Project Telecom specifically manufacturer headsets optimised for all the leading telecom handset manufacturers including Avaya, Mitel, cisco, Yealink Polycom, Snom and many more.

One major issue customers face when purchasing an office, call centre, or VoIP headsets is that manufacturers only create generic headsets which are not specifically designed for each individual telephone or Softphone Application. so there is a need to 'build' your solution for each solution which requires professional and technical knowledge, additional products are required in order for the headset to operate which can be confusing and costly

Project Telecom headsets have completely eliminated this issue producing a range of headsets which offer an out of the box plug and play solution designed specifically for your telephone handset model number or software application. This in turn gives you the customer the perfect sound and call quality without worrying about the necessary components required.