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Business Phone System Bundle for 3 Users (Analogue Plug & Play)

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Orchid Telecom
  • Up to 3 x Analogue (BT, Sky, Virgin Media etc) Telephone Lines
  • Expandable to 8 x Telephones
  • Transfer & Hold Calls
  • Auto Attendant (Press 1 for Sales etc...)
  • Hunt Groups (e.g Sales and Accounts
  • Caller Display Compatible

Bundle Includes

  • Orchid Analogue PABX 308+
  • 3 x Orchid XL250 Feature Phones
  • 3 x 10m Cables
  • Suitable for 3+ Users
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Exclusive to PMC this simple plug and play telephone system is perfect for small to medium size businesses. It provides a cost effective and simple way to manage your telephone calls. The system lets you put calls on hold and transfer calls between handsets. It comes with the number of handset that you choose and all the connection cables to set the system up.

The Orchid Analogue PABX 308+ has all the features of larger phone systems but for a fraction of the price and without the need for an engineer.


  • 3 Incoming Lines 8 extensions
  • 8 Extensions 21 - 28
  • DISA (Direct Inward Station Access)
  • Comfort Tone On Hold + External Port
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Transfer
  • Conference Call
  • Call Pick Up
  • Extensions level 9 for a line or Direct Access
  • Programmable Call Restrictions (7 Levels)
  • Caller ID compatible
  • Reception Phone compatible
  • Flexible Ringing Assignment
  • Power Failure Transfer
  • Exchange Lines and Extensions terminate on RJ11 sockets - see Associated products below for RJ11 - BT adapter cables for easy installation

Bundle Includes

  • Orchid Analogue PABX 308+
  • 3 x Orchid XL250 Feature Phones
  • 3 x 10m Cables
  • Suitable for 3+ Users

The New 308+ Model includes the following additional features

System Speed-Dial Memories

These memories can be programmed by the System administrator or Department head for use by everyone in the company. Any Extension can simply dial a short code such as ## 01 to ## 99 to dial the memories, thus saving companies valuable time in employees making calls. Certain Extensions can be programmed to dial System memories only ensuring Personal or unnecessary expensive calls are not made.

Auto Attendant

The User can record an outgoing message (OGM) instructing callers to Dial 1 for Sales, 3 for Accounts, and so on. In Auto Attendant mode, Extensions will not ring on incoming calls, the PBX will automatically answer the call. This feature is being increasingly used in a Residential/Business environment diverting calls to the Business or Home extensions.

Auto Fax Detect

When in the Auto attendant mode the PBX can detect the incoming fax tones and automatically divert the call to any Extension. This is a another cost saving feature because the User does not need a separate line for making and receiving Fax calls.

Caller Display Compatible

Providing the lines have been set for Caller Display by BT, and the Extensions have a Caller Display feature the telephone numbers of all incoming callers will be displayed on all Extensions. If you recognise the calling number you can greet your caller before they announce themselves.

Least Cost Routing

The user may be using the services of an "indirect" service provider for low cost calls. These providers normally require you to Prefix every call with their network access number, 18185 for example. The System allows you to program this Prefix so that it is automatically inserted for every call, saving both time and money.

IP Access Code

Many users have access to IP calls (VOIP) for making Free or Low cost calls, they also have the Traditional BT lines. The PBXs can be set for the User to Dial 9 for a call over BT or set another digit say, 5, for IP calls. The BT line could be on line 1 and the IP Gateway connected to lines 2 and 3. This feature gives the user further flexibility in ensuring maximum call cost savings.

Call Barring

The PBXs have very flexible Call Barring options which can apply to all or specific extensions. For example you may want to Bar calls to Mobiles or Premium numbers, 118 or 123. Call types can be programmed into 9 different groups. Any of these groups can be assigned to All or specific Extensions.

Music on Hold Port

If a Music on Hold port is fitted users can connect CD players, MP3 players or Radios. When calls are on Hold and being transferred the incoming callers hear the music or a company message or special offering announcement.

Direct Dial

Most PBXs require you to Dial 9 to get a line, the Orchid PBXs can be programmed for Direct Dial. The User is then automatically given the next available line when they want to make a call without having to dial 9 in front of the number.

Remote Programming

This enables an Administrator to call satellite offices to update System Speed-Dials, Call barring or Ringing patterns or any system configuration. This feature is also useful for Customer Support providers to assist Users in setting up their system or making changes to the system configuration, without having to revisit the site.

Cascade Ringing

Enables the User to prioritise incoming call handling. For example, if Ext 21 is busy Ext 22 will ring and so on.

Single Digit Auto-Attendant access

Although the Extensions may be 2 or 3 digits in length ie; 21 - 26, an Extension or a group of Extensions can be assigned to a single digit for Auto attendant purposes. This allows incoming callers to dial, for example, 1 for Sales or 4 for Accounts. Sales extensions could be 21 - 23 and Accounts 26 - 28. These extensions will ring in turn if an extension is busy.

Flexible Ringing assignment

Each line can be programmed to ring specific extensions. eg, Line 1 might ring 21 - 24, Line 2 to ring 25 - 27 and Line 3 which might be the Fax line can ring 26.

Operator Calls

The Operator Extension is 22 or 202 but this can be changed to any Extension number. If any Extension wants to contact the Operator they only Dial 0. Typical applications are Receptions or Trade counter areas.

Ringback on Busy

If you want to contact an extension and it is continuously engaged you can use the "Ringback on busy" feature. When the Engaged Extension clears the call your extension will ring immediately, when you lift the handset the required extension will ring.

Call forward to Secretary

A manager can forward all calls to the Secretary. Only the Secretaries extension can call and forward calls to the manager.

Call forward on Busy

An Extension can be set to automatically transfer calls to another Extension when they are engaged on a call.

Do not Disturb

In Do not Disturb mode all internal and external calls cannot be connected to the Extension.

Conference Calls

This feature enables 2 Extensions to have a 3 way conference call with a calling or called party on the outside line.

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Is this product a bundle?Yes
Manufacturer's Code:PBX 308+/ XL250
Warranty12 months
ManufacturerOrchid Telecom
Users3 Users
Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.
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