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Top 10 Best Cordless Phones

Best cordless phones recommended for 2019

image of a cordless phone

Given our reputation as a leading phone systems provider for well over 20 years, PMC Telecom  certainly have the necessary expertise and experience to offer an authoritative insight into what constitutes the best cordless phones in the UK.

Our thorough testing methods incorporate almost 100 meticulous checks and measurements, as we delve way beyond the manufacturer’s promotional spiel to explain the real key features, benefits and flaws of each model. Feedback from thousands of phone owners is also factored in to our choices for the top 10 best cordless phones.

Via the collection of such a mass of data, we can discover what buyers love about their phone, or sometimes more importantly, what frustrates them about it. Our inquisition also allows us to determine which phone brands are most trustworthy, and those that might just have allowed their standards to dip.

As a result, you can be confident you’re making a sound investment before committing to a purchase. Ease of usability, range and sound quality are just some of the primary features placed under scrutiny by our rigorous testing methods, all undertaken with premium-quality specialist equipment.

Our finger is always on the pulse with regards to the latest cordless phone launches, with our team of experts fast to assess the performance of all new models on the market. From there, we can offer a well-informed, unbiased opinion as to whether these cordless phones warrant consideration, or whether they fall short of our standards of excellence. Read on for some insightful inspiration within our list of the top 10 best cordless phones.


1.Panasonic KX-UDT131 Tough SIP DECT Handset

 It can be a painstaking process trawling through various reviews and reports, weighing up all sorts of positives and negatives about all sorts of different cordless phones.

To make your life a lot easier, you can trust our judgment that the Panasonic KX-UDT131 Tough Sip DECT Handset is the best available option currently on the market, particularly for workplace areas. Manufactured for communication in tough environments, the handset is well protected from drops on concrete floors and diesel engine dust.

Built-in Bluetooth support allows for hands-free usability, and the phone is designed to be operational even with a gloved hand. Simple to configure, and able to store up to 500 contact numbers, the handset’s encapsulation of premium audio quality also helps to make it an ideal business phone system solution.


Full-duplex handsfree

Vibration call alert

IP65 Protection

Built in bluetooth

500 Number phonebook


2.Panasonic KX-TCA185 DECT IP System Handset

Next, we have the Panasonic KX-TCA185 DECT IP System Handset, which features a noise reduction function to ensure audio clarity at all times. That said, it is well worth considering for a busy office environment or call centre, for instance. Ingoing and outgoing call logs are other elements that make this handset perfect for the aforementioned vocations, in addition to three-party conferencing functionality. Exclusively compatible with Panasonic systems, this model’s 1.8 inch LCD colour screen ensures it possesses the aesthetics to match its immense performance.


 Full Duplex Speakerphone

3 Soft Keys

For Panasonic Systems Only

8 Inch Colour LCD

Noise Reduction


3.BT Diverse 7410 Plus DECT Cordless Phone – Twin Pack

Third on the list is the BT Diverse 7410 Plus DECT Cordless Phone – Twin Pack – a stylish, simple and effective cordless phone perfect for use in the office or home. With a typical indoor range of 50m, this model allows the registration of up to 5 handsets, and incorporates a hands free speaker so you can chat away whilst on the move.

A bright display and striking white keypad makes it easy to input the 200 contact numbers it has the potential to store; this handset both looks and works brilliantly well.


Repeater Compatible

200 Entry Phone Book

BT Diverse 7200 Compatible

Black 7410 Handset

5mm JAC compatible

Register 5 Diverse Phones


4. Panasonic KX-TGB212 DECT Cordless Phone – Twin

Boasting a compact rounded design, the Panasonic KX-TGB212 DECT Cordless Phone – Twin is brimming with unique extra features that make it a must for this shortlist. A superb option for smaller areas, this budget-friendly cordless phone set can store up to 20 contact numbers, and incorporates a 50-station Caller ID memory bank as well as a 10-call redial memory.

With the ability to call share, and an any key answer service at your convenience, this model is a great low-cost option to install within the home.


4" Backlit Display

50 Number Phonebook

Name & Caller ID

Alarm Clock

Repeater Compatible


5.BT Diverse 7110 Plus DECT Cordless Phone

Part of a renowned collection of business handsets, the BT Diverse 7110 Plus DECT Cordless Phone is a wholly reliable, simple-to-use phone system that is perfect for an office environment. A sleek design and chunky black buttons account for superb aesthetics and practicality, whilst auto answer functionality and a 100-number phonebook exemplify the model’s credentials in a business capacity. An in-built speakerphone and Caller ID displays are other included near-essential features for a workplace phone system.


Repeater Compatible

200 Entry Phone Book

5mm JAC compatible

BT Diverse 7200 Compatible

Register 5 Diverse Phones

Black 7410 Handset


6. Aastra DT690BT DECT Cordless Phone with Bluetooth

Sporting a stylish modern design, the easily cleanable Aastra DT690BT DECT Cordless Phone with Bluetooth is ideal for busy office environments and other high-intensity workspaces such as hospitals.

Featuring customisable functionality, this handset affords its user a wealth of extras not normally associated with cordless phones, such as the sending and receiving of SMS text messages. A huge phonebook memory and nine programmable hotkeys further epitomise the versatility of this model.


 Hands-free speakerphone

Bluetooth connectivity

Vibration alert

Up to 12 working days lead time

250 phonebook entries / central phonebook supported


5mm headset port



7.BT Diverse 7110 Plus DECT Cordless Phone – Twin Pack

 We’ve already told you what makes this phone brilliant at number five; so two handsets make it twice as good!

The BT Diverse 7110 Plus DECT Cordless Phone Twin Pack is a similarly superb business option.


 Repeater Compatible

Black Diverse Phone

Diverse Belt Clip

100 Entry Directory

Up to 5 Diverse Handsets

5mm JAC compatible


8.BT 4000 Big Button DECT Cordless Phone – Twin Pack

 The BT 4000 Big Button DECT Cordless Phone – Twin Pack is the most practical option on the market for elderly customers, and also represents a suitable choice for hearing, sight and dexterity impaired customers.

With hearing aid friendly functionality, the handsets enable the user to block nuisance calls and save the numbers of up to 100 contacts. The phone system also features a long range of up to 300m, allowing you to nip in and out of the home without interrupting your call.


 100 Name & Number Directory

Keypad Lock

GAP Compatible

Headset Port 3.5mm


 9.BT 4600 Big Button DECT Cordless Phone With Answering Machine & Nuisance Call Blocker-Twin Pack

Another selection from the BT Diverse range, the BT 4600 Big Button DECT Cordless Phone comes with a new one touch call blocking button so you can block callers from ever getting though again at the touch of a button.

It also comes with BT's unique Virtual Assistant, which means you'll never have to speak to another cold caller again. Its call management feature puts you back in control, by enabling you to choose the calls you want to take and those you want to block. You can also free up your hands using the hands free speaker and easily copy contacts across all handsets..


Virtual Assistant screens incoming calls

Incorporates award winning trueCall call blocking technology

Numbers on your contact list get straight through

Numbers you have blocked are rejected

Record up to 60 minutes of messages

Easy to use buttons

BT Call Guardian “Hot Key”, for one touch blocking

Easy guided set up


10.Engenius EP801 Extreme Range Cordless Phone – (1-9 Handsets)

 Look no further for range (no pun intended). The Engenius EP801 Extreme Range Cordless Phone provides a greater level of coverage than any other consumer rated cordless phone in Europe.

Operating independently of the base station, this system works in a similar manner to a walkie talkie, and will not interfere with wireless networks when in use. It can work correctly with a single handset, or any amount up to and including nine.


 Range: 25,000 sq. ft / 10 Acres and can Penetrate 6 Floors!

1 (pstn) Line

Expandable Handset (up to 9 Handsets)

Base with Dialing Keypad


38 Channel Auto-Scan