This Is How Hosted VoIP Is Improving Small Businesses

Last updated on February 6th, 2020 at 02:55 pm


Increasing productivity through communication is vital in growing and sustaining any small or medium sized business; be it communication between staff or communication with customers. At the forefront of communication technology is the cloud and subsequent products such as phone systems that run completely through the cloud mitigating traditional phone wires and network providers. This technology is referred to as Hosted VoIP; VoIP standing for ‘voice over internet’.

With installation and maintenance costs far cheaper than the traditional alternative, Hosted VoIP could help save your business money from the offset. On top of that, VoIP to VoIP calls are completely free no matter where you are calling. Using the same technology as Skype and FaceTime, charges do not apply when calling VoIP to VoIP since communication relies solely on the internet. (See Hosted VoIP packages here)

Instead of calls going straight to one phone line, VoIP calls can be answered using any smart device including laptops, smartphones and tablets meaning that staff have the flexibility to work from any location. With features such as call forwarding, intelligent call routing and voicemail to email staff are available and contactable 24/7.

Tutora, a small startup matching private tutors with students, benefitted hugely from switching to Hosted VoIP. The business was started in early 2015 and has grown at a rapid pace having just completed an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise £150,000. Originally, Tutora relied on traditional landline systems for communication with parents and tutors but found Hosted VoIP to not only be cheaper but more flexible.

“That’s the primary benefit for us, the ability to not be confined to a fixed location and not have mobile numbers as the main point of contact. Having switched office location several times, the ability to keep the same number has made that possible. We also work remotely for a great deal of the time so using the call forwarding feature of our VoIP system means we’re contactable from any location”

– Mark, Co-Founder of Tutora.

Online search and discovery platform,, have also improved their business by switching to Hosted VoIP. provides a platform for consumers to search for and purchase a huge selection of wines across hundreds of merchants. Switching to a Hosted VoIP service allowed them to communicate directly with their clients and understand their needs in a more efficient way.

“Initially we were handling all our customer services through onsite chat tools or via email however we found that the level of engagement we needed to provide to our customers meant that we needed a more intimate approach. As such we switched to a Hosted VoIP solution for business and have not looked back since. We receive daily stock, product and delivery enquiries through our VoIP phone. There isn’t a requirement to be sat by a computer or telephone, your calls are routed to your mobile so you can answer customer service calls even whilst you’re away from your devices. It provides an additional element of credibility so that our customers can be confident in our service. The switch over was very simple, we set up the technology and added the necessary details all in under 30 minutes”

– Tai Alegbe, Co-Founder of

The rewards of switching to Hosted VoIP are not only plenty but can be reaped by any business in any line of work. Contact us if you would like more information regarding Hosted VoIP technology.

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