Our Pick Of The Best Headsets


Last week, we gave you several reasons why the Plantronics CS540 was a great office headset. This week we’re widening the net to give you more of a range when choosing a model to keep your office up to date with the best telecoms equipment.


Let’s begin with a recap of the CS540. The CS540 uses DECT technology which ensures no WiFi interference as well as high definition voice quality, noise-cancelling software and reduced background noise. The headset is lightweight and comes with SoundGuard technology to protect users against loud and harmful sounds. The wireless range of the device is 120 metres with a battery life of up to 7 hours meaning that staff are able to be more flexible than ever with the ability to multitask made much easier. When buying a single headset the cost for a brand new model is £125 with A-Grade refurbishments available from £99.96.

For smaller businesses, the price of the CS540 may be slightly too high which is why we have some suggestions for cheaper, quality alternatives.


The Jabra BIZ 2400 headsets are perfect for business and call centre use with handmade Neodymium speakers providing extremely high call clarity. The headset comes with noise-cancelling features and gold contacts guaranteeing the best transmission for customers and members of staff. The headset can either be worn in the ear, around the neck or via a headband meaning staff can choose the most comfortable position for them; further by the super soft ear cushions for user protection. Strength and durability are a priority for the Jabra headset with Kevlar-reinforced cords and a break-proof FreeSpin boom with a 360-degree rotation made to survive any busy office environment. The headset costs £122.46 for a brand new model with prices as low as £49.99 for an A-Grade refurbishment.


The Plantronics HW251N Supraplus is all about design for comfort with T-bar support and ‘floating’ receivers along with in-ear cushions and a lightweight frame aimed at maximising comfort. The HW251N has wideband frequency software for natural and high-quality audio. The Quick Disconnect and Quick Call features are perfect for busy offices and call centres. The headset is available from £64.95 or £40 for an A-Grade refurbishment.

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