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Softphone USB Optimised Headsets

Our USB headsets are compatible with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Zoom, and many more softphone applications on the market giving you flexibility to work in the office or home office from your PC or Mac.

Headsets for use with your softphone application are essential for clear communication and privacy as opposed to using a inbuilt laptop speaker & microphone. A headset, will allow the user to hear the conversation clearly and be able to respond clearly with the microphone being positioned close to the mouth, this also gives the user more privacy perhaps when talking in public environments or busier offices and allows the recipients to be able to hear you more clearly.

Headsets for VoIP are almost ubiquitous today so it makes sense to invest in a quality model which will be compatible with your application, click to find your VoIP or softphone supplier and find the headset which suits your best case usage scenario, whether that be an entry level monaural headset, or a fully featured cordless headset, giving you the freedom to roam away from your desk and still hear and respond to what is going on in your meeting.

Headsets for Apple Macbook

We stock a full range of headsets for Apple Macbooks, in stock now our fully tuned range of headsets for your mac's VoIP and softphone usage.