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System installations and Maintenance contracts

PMC Telecom understands the importance of supplying the correct telecommunication solution for any type of business, from smaller businesses requiring a basic but reliable system incorporating two standard voice lines and simple features such as call transfer and music on hold, through to large enterprise level companies who need to be able to handle large volumes of call traffic through multiple lines, departments and thousands of handsets at a single location along with networked, off-site users.

Having access to a UK network of over 250 qualified telecommunication engineers who will professionally install, programme and maintain the system, as well as train your staff on its features to ensure you are satisfied with the full install, PMC Telecom will help you through the whole process from conception to completion.

Currently we specialise in Panasonic, Orchid, AVAYA and Mitel systems; we can offer the correct solution for your business today and the future enabling the phone system to grow with your company.


Business Solutions

1 to 8 analogue voice-lines being able to handle up to 32 employees

We can supply easy, self installation phones systems (no direct telecoms technical knowledge required*) offering similar features to larger systems such as DISA functions (direct department forwarding) call transfer and hold functions. Our Panasonic KX-TE and Orchid telephone PABX range cover this requirement offering simple and reliable solution for your business.

* should you require a technician to install your system for you, this is something we can easily arrange.


Business Solutions

8 to 64 analogue or ISDN2 digital voice lines, able to handle up to 128 employees

We can install a number of systems dependant on your exact requirement – we currently specialise in Panasonic, BT Versatility, AVAYA and Mitel, and are highly regarded reliable business PBX systems

We can be completely flexible in terms of how we install and configure your PBX, for example; you can start off with a small number of lines or extensions and as your business grows, simply add expansion cards and handsets to accommodate the growth.

Panasonic, AVAYA and Mitel telephone systems are renowned for their high quality proven reliability and cutting edge technology.

Extra features we can also install include: Music on Hold players, bespoke (licence free) music on hold soundtracks, door entry, mailbox configuration, staff training.


Business Solutions

64 to 1000 analogue, ISDN2 or IP voice lines being capable of handling large office buildings and remote offices/home workers

As part of our installation service we can arrange site surveys to help more accurately specify your exact requirements. Our engineers are capable of installing large, multi-faceted telephone systems capable of heavyweight telecommunications for large call-centers and business users where ultra-reliable systems capable of handling hundreds, if not thousands of calls per minute are required.

Panasonic KX-NCP500 and KX-NCP1000 systems are designed to handle large volumes of traffic again offering a reliable and stable solution for larger organisations.


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Site Surveys

As part of our premium installation service, we can arrange a site survey to more accurately specify your exact requirements.

A site survey is one of the most important stages during an installation and essentially comprises of a trained engineer visiting your premises. The engineer will be able to fully evaluate your requirements as well as looking at any logistical challenges there may be during the install, for example routing new cabling, or potentially hooking up to existing cabling amongst other things.

  • Engineer can more accurately evaluate your telecoms needs
  • Installation costs are determined and fixed before work starts - no hidden extras due to unanticipated extra work
  • The customer can make a more informed choice on the options available
  • Engineers are on site to help answer more in-depth questions you may have

Maintenance contracts

With the importance of how a company relies on its telephone system, it is imperative your system should be up and running 100% of the time. If your telephone system fails you could lose all functionality of your incoming and outgoing calls thus losing thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

We can offer a full support package from replacing broken faulty handsets, telephone technical support right through to an emergency site engineer visit

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