Benefits Of Two Way Radios – Going Digital

Close-up shot of Walkie-Talkies in a charging cradle

Last updated on November 11th, 2021 at 03:49 pm

How do two-way radios work?

Digital Two Way Radios (view range here) are the way forward for a vast number of industries and workplaces; with so many technological advancements changing the workforce in the past few years, digital radios are now rapidly replacing their analogue predecessors.

Analogue two-way radios were introduced to the workplace in the early 1930s with their original limit contained within a small area and though over the decade’s improvements have been made to analogue radios the only way to really improve on them now is to switch over to digital.

What are the benefits of digital two-way radios vs analog two way radios?

Clear Audio Quality:

Digital radios will provide a much clearer voice quality than analogue due to noise-cancelling features that limit background noise such as static; and digital error correction making the signal and connection much clearer.

Longer Range:

Digital two-way radios range can provide up to 40% more coverage than analogue radio systems. Digital radios offer clear voice quality at a longer distance due to resistance to interference from other signals; something analogue systems cannot deliver.

Battery Life:

Digital two-way radios tend to have a much longer battery life than their analogue counterparts; some even reaching over twenty-four hours before needing to be charged.


With digital two-way radio signals often encrypted, it is much more difficult for third parties to listen to your conversations than it is with analogue radios making your communications much more secure.

Better Features:

Some of the features found with new digital two way radios include a man-down signal to alert the base if you’re injured, push-to-talk identification which acts as a Caller ID for radio users, GPS tracking features to help tracking and mapping and options of both individual calling and group calling.


Most digital radios can step back and operate using the legacy analogue mode.


There are models of analogue and digital radios that are designed to operate on the licence free PMR446 radio frequency.

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