The Phonetic Alpabet

A useful reference guide to the UK Phonetic Alphabet, including its use and relevance in modern communication. We talk about why and where the phonetic alphabet was developed and how it is still used today. We also have the UK Phonetic Alphabet listed in its entirety for your reference.

A basic guide to office headsets

If you’ve never purchased a headset for office communications before, here’s our quick start guide answering some of the most common basic questions we get asked about by our customers when they are interested in buying a headset. We’re aiming to give you the information you’ll need, so you can make an informed start when looking for a headset that is appropriate for you

Wired Office Headsets – an in-depth buyer’s guide

Demystifying some common questions that arise when purchasing wired headsets for phones, PC’s or even mobile phones.

With all the different telephone manufacturers, devices, PC’s Softphones and combinations of headsets it can be an absolute minefield for the first-time buyer to know where to start.