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NEC Phone Systems

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NEC Phone Systems

If you are looking around for a suitable phone system for your business needs, there are many reasons why you should consider one of the NEC phone systems we have available here at PMC Telecom. NEC, which stands for Nippon Electric Company, is a Japanese company that has been in business since 1899. It has become one of the leading names in the telecommunications sector in recent years thanks to its innovations and the wide range of customisable features it incorporates into its telephone systems.

We have a strong reputation within the telephony equipment, solutions, and accessories retail sector. This has been developed and maintained since we first opened for business in the 90s and part of the reason why we are so popular is our commitment to providing a comprehensive choice of high-quality products.

Benefits of NEC Phone Systems

There are many reasons why you should consider NEC phone systems. We have highlighted some of the most important benefits below.

Flexibility and Scalability

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of choosing an NEC phone system is the ability to scale up and down easily. You can use this system to support as little as 2 phone users to an incredible 500, without any loss in call quality or stability.


Although they can represent a significant investment, at least initially, NEC phone systems are actually very affordable and cost-effective over a longer time.

Advanced Features

If you run a busy office or business that takes a lot of calls internally and externally, you want to be able to control and manage the calls coming through. With NEC phone systems, you get access to a wide range of additional advanced features. This includes:

  • Auto-Attendant – the auto-attendant feature is ideal for busy phone systems as it greets your callers and helps them to get connected to the right department directly, so you don’t need to have a receptionist or operator.
  • Call Recording – whether it’s for quality and training purposes, so you don’t miss any important details on a conference or sales call, or to help with any complaints, call recording is a highly desirable feature. With NEC phone systems, you often, depending on the models you are using, can simply press one button to start recording calls. All the calls are then collected and stored in a central location to make it easier for you to assess them and refer to them at a later time.
  • Call Hold – self explanatory

Why Choose PMC Telecom

Now you have a better idea why you should consider NEC phone systems; you may still wonder why you should invest in one of these systems from PMC Telecom. We have been in business since 1991 and in that time have grown to become one of the leading retailers and suppliers of telephony equipment, solutions, and accessories to a wide range of customers and sectors.

This time spent in the industry and our commitment to providing quality products for all our customers, regardless of their budget, sets us apart from other companies.

Commitment to Quality Products

Quality products and a high level of customer satisfaction are incredibly important to us here at PMC Telecom. We spend a long time choosing the products we sell because we know that not only does our reputation hang in the balance if we offer something that is not good enough, but the level of satisfaction our customers are likely to get out of their purchases may be diminished.

We have maintained a strong lead in the sector because we have a lot of customers who always use us as their supplier of telephony equipment.

All Budgets Covered

Although NEC phone systems are better suited to businesses, we are proud of the fact that at PMC Telecom we have such a diverse customer base, and feel that NEC phone systems may help other non-business customers. As we have customers who are businesses, charities, residential users, and more, we have been careful when selecting products to not only feature the best but the most affordable.

That means including products in our catalogue that retail at different price points. While it may mean that customers who don’t have a flexible or large budget to play around with when choosing an NEC phone system may miss out on some features, the quality will still be there.

Still Got Questions?

If you are still feeling a little overwhelmed or finding it difficult to make the right choice, why not give us a call directly. We have an excellent team of customer service agents who will be more than happy to help. They can provide you with the answers to any questions you have and recommendations about systems that would best suit your current and future needs and requirements.

Contacting us is easy and can be done using our online contact form, calling us on 0161 737 9898 or by emailing us at