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Motorola CLK446 | Licence Free | Two Way Business Radio - New

£189.95 (Excl. VAT) £227.94 (Incl. VAT)

    PMC Product Code: 18407

    Manufacturer's Product Code: CLU0206BDLAA

    • Extended Talk Range
    • Voice Announcement
    • Auto Power Off
    • VOX
    • Long Battery Life
    • Antimicrobial Coating
    • Brilliant LED Display
    • Licence Free

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    Condition: Brand New


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    Motorola CLK446 | Licence Free | Two Way Business Radio

    Lightweight | Speaker and Microphone | Brilliant LED Display | Extended Talk Range | Voice Announcement | Auto Power Off | VOX | Long Battery Life | Licence Free

    The Motorola CLK446 Two Way Radio provides excellent performance, iconic design and everyday durability, as well as being incredibly versatile, lightweight and comfortable to wear, its unlike any other portable Two Way Radio that you will have used before.

    Its slim profile, audio options and intuitive ergonomics make it a simple yet powerful productivity tool allowing staff to collaborate instantly, respond to customers and evaluate service throughout the business.

    Productivity and Personality All in One

    The unique styling of the Motorola CLK446 projects a professional image to customers without sacrificing performance. A wide range of accessories such as a lanyard or a belt clip allow users to comfortably wear the Radio on the wrist or on the arm and even clip to a jacket or to a belt. Its brilliant LED display allows you to see status information such as active channel, volume level and transmit and receive in any light.

    Performance That Lives up to Its Looks

    Communicating with this portable Radio is seamless and effortless, from the bustling shop floor to the quiet hotel corridor. Motorola's renowned technology allows workers to hear and be heard without static or interference, You can be confident that they cam talk clearly and reliably to the end of the coverage.

    Thin and Light - Redefining Radio

    The CLK446 has been designed with all-day comfort and versatility in mind. The antenna is integrated into the body of the Radio to reduce bulk and keep the profile sleek. At only 98 mm long and 13.5 mm thick, this Radio is light to carry and easy to hold. But don’t let its good looks fool you - like every Motorola Radio, it’s been built to withstand everyday abuse.

    Wear it Anyway You Want

    Select the best carry accessory to compliment your workplace and style - just “click” the lanyard, armband, wrist wrap, belt or magnetic clip into the Radio’s central socket and you’re ready to go. The built-in speaker means users hear messages clearly, or they can add a range of earpieces for more discreet communication that won’t disturb or be overheard by others.

    Carry it Anywhere, Anyway, Handsfree

    A Variety of carry accessories provide users with versatile wearing options. through the accessory socket the carry accessories simply click into place. The convenient carry solutions allow users to focus on the task at hand without having to think about the device.


    • Accessory Connector - Compact, Durable Design
    • Brilliant LED Display - Shows Channel, Volume, Radio Status in any Light
    • Volume Control and Menu Scroll Button - Quickly Adjust Volume and Scroll Through the Menu
    • Speaker and Microphone - Provide Clear Receive and Transmit Audio
    • Power Button - Turns Device on On and Off
    • Menu Buttons - Provides Easy Access to Radio Menu
    • Push to Talk Button - Easy to Find and Operate Without Looking

    Stylish, Sophisticated and Easy to Use

    • Extended Talk Range - Communicate up to 7,400 Square Metres / 6 Floors - Coverage Depends on Terrain and Environmental Conditions
    • Voice Announcement - This Feature Provides Voice Guidance to Easily Navigate Through Radio Settings
    • Auto Power Off - Powers off Automatically to Conserve Battery if no Activity is Detected for More than 2 Hours
    • Call Tones - Choose Between 3 Different Ringtones to identify who is Calling
    • VOX - Enables Voice Operated Transmissions Providing Handsfree Operation
    • Customer Programming Software (CPS) - Customise Channel Voice Prompts and More by Using the Customer Programming Software
    • Long Battery Life - Delivers up to 10 Hours Battery Life - Battery Life Based on 5/5/90 @0.5W - Actual Time may Vary based on Usage Pattern
    • Antimicrobial Coating - Tough, Polycarbonate Housing Contains Built-in Antimicrobial Properties that Inhibit the Growth of Bacteria and Mould on the Radio Surfaces
    • Reliable and Durable - Designed and Tested to meet Military Standards 810 C, D, E, F and G, Including Temperature Shock, Vibration, Low Temperatures and Humidity

    General Specifications

    • Frequency Band - PMR446
    • Range - 7,400 Square Metres / 6 Floors
    • Channel Capacity - 8
    • PL Codes - 39 Standard & 6 Customisable
    • DPL Codes - 84 Standard, 84 Inverted and 6 Customisable
    • Average Battery Life @ 5/5/90 - 10 Hours @0.5W
    • Radio Dimensions - 48mm x 98mm x 13.5mm (H x W x D)
    • Weight with BT60 Battery - 68g


    • RF Output - 0.5 Watts
    • Frequency Stability - <2.5 ppm
    • Spurs and Harmonics - <-45 dBc
    • FM Hum and Noise: -40 dB
    • Modulation Limiting - ±2.5 kHz
    • Adjacent Channel Power - 60 dBc
    • Radiated Spurious Emissions - <-20 dBm
    • Audio Frequency Response (0.3 - 3.0 kHz) - +1 to -3 dB
    • Audio Distortion - <2%


    • Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD) -122 dBm
    • Adjacent Channel Selectivity - 60 dB
    • Intermodulation Rejection - 60 dB
    • Spurious Response Rejection (Blocking 1Mhz) - 80 dB
    • Audio Distortion - <5%
    • CSQ Hum and Noise @ 12.5kHz: -50 dB
    • PL Hum and Noise @ 12.5kHz: -50 dB
    • DPL Hum and Noise @ 12.5kHz: -45 dB
    • Radiated Spurious Emissions (< 1GHz) - <-54 dBm
    • Radiated Spurious Emissions (> 1GHz) - <-52 dBm
    • Audio Output @ <5% Distortion - 0.5 W

    Motorola CLK446 Package Contents

    • Motorola CLK446 Two Way Radio
    • EU / UK Adapter
    • Belt Clip
    • Charger
    • Wired Earpiece
    Warranty12 months
    Key Features
    Radios for...Sports & Leisure, Commercial (Site, Security etc)
    Transmission TypePMR446 (Licence Free)
    Digital or AnalogueAnalogue
    Single radio or multipackSingle Radio
    WaterproofingSplash / Weatherproof
    IP Rating-
    Vibrate AlertYes
    Technical Specifications
    Dimensions48mm x 98mm x 13.5 mm
    Charger Dimensions
    Battery Type-
    Charge Time-
    Battery Capacity mAh
    Standby Time-
    Talk Time10 Hours
    Please Note
    Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.
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