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LG is one of the most well-known brands in the world, leading in areas such as telecommunications, home entertainment and vehicle components. LG’s establishment in 1958 was due to the merging of two Korean companies called Lucky and GoldStar; revolutionising technology under the new name Lucky Goldstar. 

Pioneering the digital era, LG combined the future of technology with its now synonymous slogan “Life’s Good” to help create the ease of access we have to global technology today and use this technology to achieve high customer satisfaction.    

LG have always been at the forefront of the telecoms industry from office appliances to mobile phones and still hold their place at the top of the field today. LG’s aim is to integrate mobile technology into everyday life to improve communication and connect people. 

With similar aims in improving communication, at PMC Telecom we offer a selection of LG office handsets designed to improve the productivity of any working environment all with top of the range features at affordable prices.