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Panasonic UF8100 High Volume Laser Fax Machine

£650.00 (Ex VAT) £780.00 (Incl VAT) RRP £1,799.99

    PMC Product Code: 5590

    Manufacturer's Product Code: UF-8100

    • High Volume 100 Page Feeder
    • Network ready
    • Fax/copy/print
    • 280 Station Auto Dial

    Stock status: Discontinued

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    High Volume Office Fax Machine

    When it comes to office equipment, nothing is more important than consistent, reliable performance. But just because a task is simple doesn't mean that it is always easy to do. For example, automatic document feeding is one of the most essential features of a fax machine. So when it doesn't work the way you want it to, it can lead to a lot of frustration. That's where the UF-8100 comes in. From a one page fax to massive multi-page transmissions to multiple locations, the UF8100 is designed to take care of any document, big or small.

    Supported by a fast 0.8-second Quick Scan, the large-capacity 100-page Auto Document Feeder handles documents large or small with ease, while ensuring top-level quality and speed.

    Ease of use is vital, and like most fax machines the UF-8100/UF-7100 comes with an Auto-Dialler. The difference is that the new UF-8100/UF-7100’s versatile auto-dialler is much easier to program and search than its predecessors. Best of all, the UF-8100/UF-7100 is built to last and designed to grow. As your business grows, the UF-8100/UF-7100 grows with it. Easy upgrades like Send-to-Email/PC on your local area network make the UF-8100/UF-7100 the right choice for today and tomorrow.

    Panafax Desktop Software*
    The Panafax desktop software works on a networked PC to send a fax directly from your Windows® application software without having to print it on paper before transmitting.

    Duplex Scanning/Printing Capability
    Even with double-sided originals, simply scan the first side through the ADF, then scan the other side. The UF-8100/UF-7100 automatically shuffles the scanned pages in the original page order and transmits. Also, the UF-8100/ UF-7100 is able to print a received multi-page fax on both sides of the paper.

    Built-in Network Printing Capability
    The UF-8100/UF-7100 comes standard with a built-in Ethernet LAN interface and can be automatically set up as a high speed 18-ppm (14-ppm for the UF-7100) network printer as soon as it is plugged into the network using DHCP client feature. In addition the standard USB 1.1 interface allows direct connection to a local PC.

    High Resolution of 1200-equivalent x 600 dpi
    In addition to standard 600 x 600 printing resolution, you can improve the print resolution to1200 dpi-equivalent x 600 dpi by adding the optional PCL printer controller. This gives crisp, clean prints with superior legibility and halftone gradations.

    Standard Duplex and 2-in-1/4-in-1 Printing
    For added productivity, the UF-8100/UF-7100 comes standard with an automatic duplex printing capability that allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. Cost-effective and fast, double-sided printing can be used together with 2-in-1/4-in-1 printing to greatly reduce your paper expenses and save on filing space.

    Maximum 1000-Station Auto-Dialler
    For quick dialling, you can program fax phone numbers/email addresses* with 280-station auto-dialler (80 One-Touch/200 Abbreviated) from the QWERTY keyboard or program the Auto-Dialler and import a listing from an existing PC file** using the standard Address Book Editor Software on your PC. Auto-Dialler capacity can be expanded to a maximum of 1,000
    stations with an optional SD memory card.

    Quick Name Search
    Quick Name Search maximises the Auto-Dialler’s large memory capacity by providing quick, easy access to stored names and numbers. Simply key in the first letter of the recipient’s name on the QWERTY keyboard and press it repeatedly to scroll through the listings that appear on the display. When you find the name you’re looking for, just select it. It’s that simple!

    Directory Search
    Directory Search allows you to enter multiple letters via the QWERTY keypad to narrow down the search and quickly find the name you’re looking for in a large database such as an LDAP**** (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server or the optional 1,000-station Auto-Dialler. The UF-8100/UF-7100 retrieves email addresses* from the LDAP server’s directory.

    The LDAP directory also allows users to easily program the email addresses* with the Auto-Dialler.

    Dual-Line Fax Communication Productivity (UF-8100 only)
    With the optional G3 fax communication port installed, the UF-8100 can handle the same communication volume as two separate machines. Each communication port works independently so that each line can be configured for send only, receive only or both according to your needs.
    Versatile Printing/Scanning Features Easy and Reliable Fax
    Result Notice is automatically sent to the sender's IP address G3 FAX
    UF-8100/UF-7100 Panafax Desktop
    Fast Multi-Task Processing
    The UF-8100/UF-7100’s custom-developed chipset maximizes microprocessor power for fast, high quality image processing and multitasking operation.
    Maintenance Support
    The Check & Call***** function automatically reports low toner status and certain mechanical problems to
    a service centre while the Remote Diagnostic System***** enables expert technicians to quickly
    troubleshoot and provide solutions via a telephone line or the Internet.
    Mailbox Print/Secure Mailbox Print***
    Mailbox Print ensures that your printouts don’t get mixed up with someone else’s by storing your printouts in a specified mailbox. Secure Mailbox Print carries out the Mailbox Print jobs when the correct user password is entered.
    Easy Print Driver Installation, User-Friendly Graphical Interface, and Status Monitoring Internet Fax and Scan-to-Email/PC/FTP Server
    With the optional Internet Fax/Email/Network Scanner Module, the UF-8100/UF-7100 can send documents to an ITU-T T.37 Internet Fax machine, an Email Address, a networked PC or a FTP Server as a PDF or TIFF file.
    Document Workflow with Document Management System software
    Panasonic Document Management System software streamlines your document workflow, allowing you to manage and control all processes right from your PC desktop. All you have to do is drag and drop the thumbnail picture of the scanned
    document onto an icon of the preprogrammed PC application such as OCR, Email or image editing software.
    * Internet Fax/Email/Network Scanner Module is required.** CSV/Comma-delimited text file
    *** Optional SD Memory Card is required.
    **** This function is not available in certain destinations.
    Requires an LDAP server on the network.
    ***** This function is not available in certain destinations.

    • High Volume 100 Page Feeder
    • Standard Network Printing
    • Standard Double Sided Copy and Scan
    • Super Quick Scan 0.8 sec per page
    • 280 Station Auto Dial (expandable to 1,000)
    • 33600 bps modem
    • High Volume 100 Page Feeder
    • Standard Double Sided Copy and Scan
    • Super Quick Scan 0.8 sec per page
    • Dimensions (W x D x H) 450 x 418 x 448 mm
    Warranty12 months
    Please Note
    Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.

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