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Entel HT785 UHF Two Way Radio

£243.00 (Excl. VAT) £291.60 (Incl. VAT) RRP £379.00

    PMC Product Code: 6293

    Manufacturer's Product Code: HT785

    • Submersible to IP68 (5 Metres For 1 Hour)
    • Flash Upgradable To Add Future Features
    • Scrolling Graphic LCD Display
    • 255 User Contact List
    • Receive signal strength indicator
    • Local Personal Attack Alarm
    • VOX hands free (with audio accessory)

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    For systems communications requirements, the advanced signalling 255 channel HT7X5 is an elite product, providing feature rich and flexible communications. Features include FFSK signalling, as well as variable point voice scrambler, channel scanning, shunting mode, personal attack alarm, whisper mode and lone worker. Furthermore, man down, Bluetooth and GPS automatic location information options are also available.

    Utilising the latest intelligent Lithium-Ion battery technology, your HT7X5, if dealer enabled, will display a battery cycle count each and every time you power-on your radio. For your convenience it will even alert you to imminent battery life expiration. This MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F construction, IP68 approved portable has a high visibility back-lit display with scrolling text, allowing for text messaging and the use of its easy to use intuitive menus.

    General Features

    Submersible to IP68 (5 Metres For 1 Hour)

    • Entel is the first manufacturer to offer the superior IP68 specification, whereby we ourselves determine at what depth and for how long our equipment must remain waterproof. Not content with just the standard IP68 entry-level (1 metre for 30 minutes) Entel's IP68 HT series is certified as waterproof-submersible to an unprecedented depth of 5 metres for 60 minutes.
    • Aware that the smallest tolerances of case size and material variation alone could compromise your radio's waterproof integrity, uniquely, each individual Entel portable is tested on a custom-built air pressure test-jig to ensure it meets the exacting high standards we have set for ourselves.

    MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F

    • Meeting MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F commercial grade construction for tough, enduring performance, the Entel's HT and HX series 2.0 portables conform to stringent standards, enabling them to withstand the everyday rigours of shock, vibration and the corrosive effects of dust and moisture, ensuring many years of trouble free use in the most hostile environments.

    1800mAh Li-Ion Battery

    • All Entel portables come with the latest intelligent Lithium-Ion battery technology as standard. Whichever model you choose, these batteries will count the number of completed charge cycles, which on LCD variants, if dealer enabled, can be displayed when you power-on your radio.
    • For your convenience it will even alert you to imminent battery life expiration. Another advantage of Lithium-Ion battery technology is the way it maximizes duty cycles, while the elimination of memory effect means there is no need to fully discharge the cells before recharging. Therefore you are assured a full duty cycle each and every time you take your radio from its charger.

    Flash Upgradable To Add Future Features

    • Entel proposes to continuously add/upgrade features to its range of radios. Using Flash Upgrade technology your radios can be upgraded by your Dealer at any time.

    Robust Accessory Socket

    • A completely redesigned accessory connector, when secured to the portable, is designed to withstand any amount of punishment from dropping to careless misuse. Furthermore, the securing bolt incorporates a shearing point to protect the connector.
    • On selcall and advanced variants, the connector provides a programmable interface for audio accessories and data devices, as well as a custom interface for any special applications.

    Scrolling Graphic LCD Display

    • LCD display variants offer more information and versatility. For example, our high tier radios can display: Channel Name, Caller ID, Text Messages, Emails etc.

    Channel Naming

    • The LCD versions allow your Dealer to "name" channels. Rather than just indicating a channel number your Entel radio can display "Security Channel" etc.

    Multi-Function Encoder Control

    • The encoder control fitted on top of our high tier range of radios provides: Volume control, channel change, navigate contact, status & message lists etc. In addition you can use the encoder to quickly navigate your user friendly menus.

    Scan / Priority Scan

    • Both HT and HX series portables have the facility to scan for an active channel. When an active channel is found, the radio will automatically select that channel for you. Priority scan will allow you to select one channel in the scan list that is treated as a "Priority". It will be checked more frequently than all other channels in the list.

    Bluetooth Wireless Communications (optional)

    • Allows you to connect a Bluetooth audio or data accessory.


    VOX hands free (with audio accessory)

    • When you attach a VOX enabled audio accessory you can operate totally hands free. All you need to do is talk and your Entel radio will automatically transmit for you.

    Programmable Channel Monitor Button

    • If you have Analogue or Digital squelch enabled all signals other than your own will be filtered out. This can be temporarily disabled enabling you to monitor any other transmissions on your channel. This button may be programmed on or off by your Dealer.

    2 /5 Tone Selective Calling & FFSK

    • A whole host of additional mobile phone-like features are possible when you use 2/5 Tone selective calling. Some are listed below.

    Open or Closed Channel Modes

    • Most radio systems are "open" meaning everyone on the system can hear everyone else. In some cases this is a benefit, however call privacy may be required at times. This is where Entel's closed channel mode comes into its own (see below).

    Call A Group, Individual or All Radios At Once

    • In closed channel mode your high tier Entel radio can be programmed so that a call that is "private" e.g. 1 to 1 or 1 to a small "group" can be made. If required “open” calls can still be made i.e. call everyone at once.

    255 User Contact List

    • Your Entel contact list allows for up to 255 contacts (radio, phone & email). With a full keypad radio, finding a contact could not be easier. Just type the first few letters of the contact and your search will be automatically narrowed.

    Multiple Ringtones

    • The high tier radios allow you to set different ringtones against different contacts in the same way you can with a mobile phone.

    Battery Charge Count

    • Whichever model you choose, these batteries will count the number of completed charge cycles, which on LCD variants, if dealer enabled, can be displayed when you power-on your radio. For your convenience it will even alert you to imminent battery life expiration. If you opt for a system of non-display portables then we recommend that you have at least one model with a display in order to take advantage of this unique feature.

    Receive signal strength indicator

    • Your Entel radio with LCD will display the strength of the signal it is receiving.

    Invert Display

    • Inverts the display allowing you to read it when the radio is viewed upside down on a belt clip, for example.


    • Some radio systems use a "repeater" to increase the system's range. However when you go outside the range of the repeater, communication with another radio is not possible no matter how close you are. Talkaround enables you to talk directly with another radio, bypassing the repeater.

    Intuitive Menus

    • Modern radios offer extensive features and as such can become complex to use. Entel's goal has been to offer advanced features but with simplified operation. Our new high tier range provides the ultimate in an intuitive user interface, similar to that of a mobile phone. We are confident most features can be used without the need to refer to your user guide.

    Info Button (User Guide Built In To Radio)

    • Just in case you are unsure of a feature, your high tier Entel radio has a built-in user guide. Just press the "Info" button.

    Speed dial

    • Again, just like a mobile phone, speed dials can be allocated to the radio’s keys.

    Who's Calling (Caller ID)

    • Our entire high tier radio range offers caller ID. This enables you to see who is calling you.

    Missed, Received & Dialled Numbers Lists

    • Missed a call? No problem - you will have a message and indicator waiting when you return to your radio. Go to your missed call list and return the call. Received and dialled numbers are also stored for convenience.

    Selectable "Profiles"

    • In a meeting but expecting an important call/message? Switch to "silent mode" and still be available. DND mode (Do Not Disturb) additionally returns a message to the calling party stating something like "I will call you back".

    DTMF Dial Mode - Stored

    • DTMF dial strings can be stored in your "Contact List" and recalled at any time. Alternatively a "Speed Dial" button may be assigned to provide quick access to any DTMF dial string.


    Stun & alarm a lost or stolen radio (& revive if found)

    • If a radio is lost or stolen, and assuming it is within range, it can be remotely disabled. Once found you can enable it again.

    Programmable Scrambler (Voice Inversion)

    • Used to encrypt your voice, protecting against casual eavesdropping.

    Power On Password Option

    • To protect against unauthorised access your Entel radio can be password protected.

    Local Personal Attack Alarm

    • All HT and HX portables include a personal attack alarm option. Once activated the speaker of your radio will emit a high pitched siren as a deterrent and provides a local call for assistance.

    Panic Button With Remote Alert

    • In addition to the Local alarm feature your high tier Entel radio will enable you to send a message to another/all radios calling for assistance. This ensures your request for assistance is received even if no one is close enough to hear your local alarm.

    Emergency Microphone Live

    • With remote alert your Entel radio can be programmed to automatically transmit any background sounds. This may give respondents a clue as to the type of emergency i.e. a struggle with an assailant etc.

    Lone Worker Alarm Mode

    • The panic button feature relies on the casualty being able to operate the radio. Entel's Lone Worker mode goes one stage further. If the casualty is unconscious or unable to operate the radio for any other reason, after a predetermined time the radio will beep, warning its user it is about to send an automatic request for assistance. If the radio's user does not intervene the alarm will be automatically raised.

    Man Down Alarm Mode (Optional)

    • Entel's Man Down option detects when the radio is no longer in its normal position. Just like Lone Worker an alarm is emitted giving the radio user an opportunity to cancel the alarm. If the radio's user does not intervene the alarm will be automatically raised. Two options of sensor are available:
    • Tilt only
    • Tilt & non movement (3-axis)

    Shunting Mode (For Rail Companies)

    • Ensure the safety of your rail staff by using Entel's Shunting capability.

    Silent Alarm Call Mode

    • In some applications, so as not to inflate the situation, a covert alarm is required. Your Entel radio can be programmed to send an alarm silently.

    Continue Alarm Even If Switched Off

    • Once you have initiated an alarm and the radio is switched off, e.g. by the assailant, the radio will appear to have been switched off (display blanks, no beeps, indicators or received signals are heard). However the radio is still sending its emergency request and mike-live signals etc.

    Manual Location Information With Emergency

    • It's one thing knowing Fred requires assistance, but where is he? Your high tier Entel radio allows you to manually set your location before you start a hazardous task. The location is easily selected form your location list which is similar to your contact list in ease of use.

    Bluetooth Fully Automatic Indoor Location Information (Optional)

    • If you prefer, the location of your radio can be automatically updated as you move around your site. Small beacon transmitters are strategically placed so that your radio always “knows” where it is. If you initiate an emergency call your current location is automatically transmitted to the receiving radio(s).

    GPS "navigate to" casualty (option)

    • For those receiving your GPS emergency call they can use the radio's "navigate to" feature to locate you. The receiving radio's LCD will indicate bearing and distance to your location by way of a compass type indicator and text.

    Text Messaging & Emails

    Send/display status messages

    • Status messages are short predefined text messages that may be sent automatically when your radio is called, when you enable a facility, or are initiated by you manually. Examples may include: "At Lunch", "Lone Worker switched on", "Call me when you are free" etc.

    Send/Display Predefined Text Messages

    • Predefined text messages are longer versions of status messages. These messages can only be sent/received using Entel's high tier radios.

    Display Free Format Text/Email Text Messages

    • Any of our display high tier radios can display an incoming text or email message. Simple text or email messages can be created on 8-Key radios using our easy to use text editor screen.

    Technical Specification


    • Frequency Range - 400 - 470MHz
    • Channels - 255
    • Channel Spacing 12.5 kHz / 25 kHz
    • Communication Method - Simplex / semi duplex
    • Antenna Impedance 50 ohm
    • Antenna Whip / stubby
    • Battery Type 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery pack
    • Power Supply Voltage 7.4V DC
    • Microphone - Internal condenser
    • Operating Temperature -20° to +55°
    • Size (mm) 59.5(W) x 130(H) x 37(D)W = 59.5 (62 including protrusions)H = 130 (145 inc knobs)D = 37mm (41 including battery protrusions)
    • Weight 277g with battery and aerial


    • Power Output HIGH – 5W, LOW - 1W
    • Modulation 8K0F3E/16K0F3E
    • Oscillator Method PLL
    • Frequency Stability < ±0.00025% (±2PPM)
    • Maximum Deviation ±2.5 kHz(Narrow)/ ±5 kHz(Wide)
    • Audio Distortion < 5% (1 kHz 60%)
    • Spurious Emission -68 [dBc]
    • Hum & Noise -40 [dB]


    • Receiver Type - Double Superheterodyne type
    • Sensitivity -0.25uV (12dB SINAD)
    • Frequency Stability ±0.00025%(±2PPM)
    • Spurious Rejection -60 dB
    • Adjacent Channel Selectivity -60 dB (Narrow) , -70 dB (Wide)
    • Distortion < 3% Typical
    • Hum & Noise -40 dB
    • Audio Output 1W
    • Speaker Size 38 mm

    In The Box

    • CNB750E - 7.4v, 1800mAh rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack
    • CBH750 - Spring loaded belt clip
    • High efficiency antenna (can be exchanged for stubby antenna at point of order)
    • User manual
    Warranty12 months
    Key Features
    Radios for...Commercial (Site, Security etc)
    Transmission TypeUHF
    Digital or AnalogueAnalogue
    Single radio or multipackSingle Radio
    WaterproofingSubmersible / Marine
    IP RatingIP68
    Vibrate AlertNo
    Technical Specifications
    Dimensions(mm) 59.5(W) x 130(H) x 37(D)W = 59.5 (62 including protrusions)H = 130 (145 inc knobs)D = 37mm (41 including battery protrusions)
    Charger Dimensions-
    Battery Type-
    Charge Time-
    Battery Capacity-
    Standby Time-
    Voltage7.4V DC
    Talk Time-
    Please Note
    Please noteAll information is provided for reference only. If you are unsure about any of the features listed, please check the manufacturer's official information.

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