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Burnside T940L Follow Me Fixed Cellular Terminal

£299.00 (Excl. VAT) £358.80 (Incl. VAT) RRP £449.28

    PMC Product Code: 2524

    Manufacturer's Product Code: 722065

    • Sensitive antenna provides excellent signal and voice quality
    • Cuts cost of calls to mobiles from landline phones by as much as 70%
    • Text messaging using any ordinary touchtone phone
    • Works better than mobiles in weak reception areas
    • Integral modem and GPRS connects to PC or PDA
    • Follow Me firmware eliminates expensive call divert services

    Stock status: Discontinued

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    Unlike the T940, the T940L also offers connection to PSTN landline networks. Its least cost routing feature can reduce call costs by automatically routing calls to mobiles via the cellular network and all other calls via the landline connection. The optional Follow Me firmware package eliminates expensive call divert services on landline networks by forwarding incoming landline calls directly onto the mobile network.

    Using a fixed cellular terminal from Burnside Telecom lets you use your telephone, telephone system or computer to make voice calls and send SMS text messages over the GSM wireless network. All Burnside models include a wireless modem that can provide data access to the Internet via a USB port.

    If you are in a location where there are no landlines, or installing a landline is too expensive or not feasible, a fixed cellular terminal could solve your communications problem. Burnside fixed cellular terminals are commonly used in boats, lifts, temporary offices, exhibitions, open air events, outside broadcasting, telecare networks, social alarms or in any remote location.

    Inclusive Call Minute Timer -This firmware can keep track of number of minutes used on an inclusive call minute tariff. When the limit is reached it can send an SMS to the user and switch itself off to avoid incurring expensive minutes.

    Key Features

    • Sensitive antenna provides excellent signal and voice quality
    • Clear visual display makes it easy to set up and use without a manual
    • SMS reception enables remote control and monitoring of equipment
    • Built-in uninterruptible power supply provides constant availability
    • USB connection allows internal software to be updated from a PC
    • PC connection enables editing and communication of SMS messages from within CRM software systems
    • Provides a telephone connection almost anywhere
    • Excellent voice quality
    • Can be set to cut off once all the "free" minutes in your price plan are used up
    • No waiting for a difficult or expensive landline connection
    • Cuts cost of calls to mobiles from landline phones by as much as 70%
    • Text messaging using any ordinary touchtone phone
    • Display provides intuitive mobile phone like menus for major functions
    • Works with ordinary touch tone phone and PBXs
    • Integral modem and GPRS connects to PC or PDA
    • Facility to send a text to your handheld mobile if an alarm is activated
    • Remote supervision and control by SMS text Ideal for use in remote locations, boats and vehicles
    • Works from your car battery or mains power
    • Works better than mobiles in weak reception areas
    • Less vulnerable to damage or theft


    • Landline locations
    • Anyone who makes many calls from landlines to mobile phones
    • Teleworkers Recruitment Firms Builders Service
    • Companies Taxis Couriers
    • Backup for Failed Landline

    The T940 series of fixed cellular terminals provide instant access to voice & data communications in any location within the worldwide GSM cellular wireless network without the delay and expense associated with connection to landline networks. A wide variety of phones, PBXs and PCs can be connected. New sharing and inclusive call minute tariffs offer lower call costs than landline tariffs. Echo cancellation and noise reduction technology offer landline speech quality. The plain language menu on the display on the T940 series makes it easier to install and operate than other makes of fixed cellular terminals. A variety of firmware options offer functionality and lower call costs notavailable on other products. Unlike handheld mobile phones the T940 provides an easier to use, shareable and permanent resource that is less vulnerable to damage or theft. External antenna connection keeps the T940 working in locations where hand helds fail to work and reduce any possible radiation risk to the user.

    Warranty12 months
    Phone TypeGateway GSM
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