Top 14 Call Centre Headsets

Here is our expertly picked list of the top 14 call centre headsets on the market. Whether you’re looking to start a new business or upgrade your existing headset to the best possible system this list is your perfect guide!

Jabra Biz 2300

1. Jabra Biz 2300

It’s important to have top of the range features for your office headsets. However what’s more important is user experience; comfortable staff are productive staff.

The Jabra Biz 2300 sits at the top of our list due to its comfort features that seem to go above and beyond for the ultimate customer experience.

Employees ears are protected with soft cushions, PeakStop™  that technology removes any excessive or loud sounds before they reach the ears and the headset comes with a 360 degree adjustable arms for maximum wearability and comfort.

The Jabra Biz 2300 also includes features such as HD Voice clarity and a noise cancelling microphone for optimum audio quality.


Plantronics HW261N

2. Plantronics HW261N


If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for your business!

This classic Plantronics model takes the runner up spot due to its affordable price and value for money.

The Plantronics name is often synonymous with quality and the sound clarity on this headset is no different.

One of the main reasons why Plantronics headsets may be a favourite among astronauts is their resilience and longevity; you may not be using these headsets in space but their durability means that you won’t have to worry about costly repairs or replacements.

The lightweight cushioned headset means that employees will always enjoy that comfortable zero gravity feeling when on a call.


Sennheiser Century SC 660

3. Sennheiser Century SC 660


Quality is the main theme of this headset; from the HD voice clarity to ensure the best audio to the large leatherette pads for ultimate comfort. The cables are even reinforced with Kevlar for durability that can’t be beaten.

ActiveGard® together with noise cancelling technology create the unbeatable sound quality that Sennheiser is renowned for.

If you are willing to pay slightly more for the top of the range headsets then this is the perfect choice.


Plantronics Voyager Legend

4. Plantronics Voyager Legend


With a name like legend you’d expect no less than the very best and Plantronics don’t disappoint with the Voyager Legend.

What separates this headset from the rest is its ability to connect to two phones at once allowing for optimum convenience and productivity.

With features such as hands free voice command, noise cancelling and WindSmart technology, audio streaming, 7 hour battery life and Smart Sensor™ technology this headset truly is legendary at a very reasonable price.


Plantronics CS540

5. Plantronics CS540


One of the most important attributes of any great headset is sound quality; the Plantronics CS540 offers the finest sound quality on the market with its faultless features, including a noise cancelling microphone, ensuring optimum sound quality and customer service.

The CS540 is not only very comfortable and lightweight to wear but extremely compact meaning that workspaces are left with more room.

The battery life and range (120m) of this headset help set it apart with its style, design and value for money.


BT H51 Wireless Headset

6. BT H51 Wireless Headset


This lightweight stylish sleek looking design from BT homes in on flexibility and freedom to move with wireless calls.

Productivity is a top priority for this headset with audio shock protection and background noise cancellation ensuring that calls are always 100% clear.

Employees using this headset can relax with features such as adjustable volume control and leatherette ear protection.


JPL 501

7. JPL 501 Monaural Noise Cancelling Office Headset


At the lower end of the price range, this monaural headset is very popular among customers since it provides such good value for money.

The sound quality is excellent with noise cancelling features that are particularly important on monaural sets.

The design may not be as sleek as the more expensive headsets but its modesty is exactly why we have placed it in our top 10.


Jabra BIZ 1900

8. Jabra BIZ 1900


This WiFi and DECT compatible headset offers excellent value for money with noise cancelling features and Quick Disconnect plug as well as audio shock protection software that are all often only found in the more
expensive range.

If you require a simple, lightweight, adjustable and comfortable headset at an affordable price then this is the headset for you.


Plantronics Savi W440

9. Plantronics Savi W440


Another innovator in style, the Plantronics Savi W440 offers a lightweight headset with one touch controls and multi person conferencing. The Plantronics Savi is pretty expensive coming in at £150, however the high quality noise cancelling features and the cutting edge ergonomic design make this headset one that is going to stick around for a while. – perfect for your employees on the go.



Jabra Motion Office

10. Jabra Motion Office


It’s easy to be distracted by the impressive design of the Jabra Motion Office headset but it’s sleek style is not all that’s on offer.

Boasting numerous mobile features such as a vast range (100m) and hands free voice commands as well as its own control centre and 8 hour battery life.

The dual microphones come with a noise filter and separate noise cancelling software ensuring the best audio quality.


Plantronics Audio 648

11. Plantronics Audio 648


Perfect for video calls, the behind-the-neck wearing of the Audio 648 headset means that the user’s face is always fully visible. The built-in volume and call controls allow the user the answer and terminate Skype calls from the headset.

With behind-the-neck wearing and soft cushioned earpieces this headset ensures that the user can always be productive with maximum comfort and ease.



Sennheiser D10

12. Sennheiser D10 Headset


This DECT compatible Sennheiser headset has a full day battery life and is very easy to install with multi person conferencing made easy through docking each headset to the same base station

As with many Sennheiser models it comes with enhanced Voice Clarity, ActiveGard® audio shock protection and noise cancelling technology.



Sennheiser SC 630 USB ML

13. Sennheiser SC 630 USB ML


This Sennheiser headset is in our top 14 due to its ultra noise cancelling mic, ActiveGard® acoustic shock protection and Sennheiser HD voice clarity all of which provide an excellent audio service for both the user and the customer.

The headset is extremely lightweight with a large ear cushion for ultimate comfort and protection.



Plantronics HW251N

14. Plantronics HW251N


The wideband frequency response of this headset creates crisp audio with added ultra noise cancelling software for an overall positive user experience.

Its Quick Call and Quick Disconnect features together with the lightweight comfort of the headset allow for maximum user productivity.



Josh Rose – PMC Telecom

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