Top 10 Best Corded Headsets

Salespeople In A Call Centre

Headsets for use with telephone systems have become a popular item in recent months. The covid-19 pandemic forced many people to work remotely or from home, hence the boom in interest. Here’s our brief look at the top 10 best-corded headsets available today.

1. Microsoft Teams Entry Level

Designed and optimised for use with Microsoft Teams, and certified by Microsoft, this affordable headset is a useful tool for the home worker. With a noise-cancelling microphone and an over-one-ear (monaural) design, it’s comfortable, convenient and ready for use in office and call centre environments. With inline mute and volume controls and both USB-A and USB-B connectors, this is a popular model at a sensible price.

2. MS Entry Level Binaural

This model is another entry level example that is similarly priced to the above. It is also optimized for Microsoft Teams – although it can be used elsewhere – and comes with the dual USB connectors as above. The difference is in the design; this example is a binaural headset design – that is, it covers both ears – for those who are more comfortable with that configuration. It has all the same features as the one above and is a similar price.

3. MS Advanced Binaural

Pitched as a quality mid-range headset, this is another in the family of those optimised for use with Microsoft products and is a binaural design that most people find to be comfortable. Supplied with a choice of USB connectors, this one also features noise-cancelling and has built in ‘acoustic shock protection’, plus at just 44g in weight, this is a light headset. At the price, we believe this one will be very popular, and it’s suitable for call centre use.

4. MS Advanced Monaural

With an adjustable headband that is designed to aid comfort, those who prefer the one ear only headsets may prefer this corded headset, which is similarly priced and specified to the one above. Optimised for Microsoft, and certified by that company, it also weighs in at a light 44g. With noise cancelling and the inline function it will do the job in an office – whether home or headquarters – and offers excellent sound quality.

5. Zoom Professional Monaural

Zoom has rapidly become the platform that everyone favours, and this set of monaural headphones has been designed for use with Zoom. Offering excellent comfort and weighing just 44g – as those above – this professional-standard headset will provide clear sound and comes with the inline controls, both the USB connectors and a noise-cancelling microphone. It’s more expensive than the above but will serve its purpose if you use Zoom.

6. Zoom Professional Binaural

This is the binaural sister to the headset listed above and is very much the same in all but that design feature. It also offers excellent sound quality and is designed and optimized for use with the Zoom platform, so will do the job perfectly should that be your choice. Similarly light and comfortable and with all the features of the above, it is also a similar price and is not expensive for what it is.

7. MS Ultra Binaural

This corded headset is designed for noisy offices or call centres where its extra noise cancelling ability will be very welcome. Designed for use with Microsoft Teams and other packages – and optimized for such – the dual earpieces feature extra-large 70mm ear cushions for both comfort and sound deadening, and the quality of sound is of the highest quality. They still weigh little and are fitted with all the controls you need but are more expensive.

8. MS Ultra Monaural

With excellent noise cancelling qualities as that above, and a superb sound quality to a professional level through the single speaker, the monaural version of the MS Ultra is designed and optimized for use with Microsoft products, and all features of the above are also present here at a similar price. If the single-ear design is that you prefer, this one may be worth the extra outlay.

9. JPL 401S USB-A

An entry level monaural headset designed for general use – that is not optimized for any package – this one is sensibly priced and offers the usual light weight, inline mute and volume and noise cancelling. Recommended for office and call centre use but not in a particularly noisy environment, it is only USB-A compatible but is ready to use out of the box.

10. JPL 400 USB-A

This headset is the binaural version of the one described above, is similarly priced and for general call centre and office use. It is not designed for a platform but for all. It comes at a decent price for an entry level headset, is equipped with all the relevant controls, and is also USB-A compatible and ready to go.

That’s our list of the top 10 best corded headsets, so have another read and choose the one that is right for your usage and budget.