PMC Voice Cloud HD – Business Grade Hosted VoIP

Last updated on April 14th, 2021 at 11:44 am

PMC Voice Cloud HD – Business Grade Hosted VoIP

Offering a feature rich business grade phone system using VoIP instead of a traditional hardware solution. This opens up an range of features and services which is not possible using a standard hard wired phone system aimed at the business sector

Why use a Cloud Based Phone?

Advantages of a Hosted PABX Telephone solution:

  • Lower initial outgoings
  • Cost effective overall
  • Premium features
  • Scalable with your business
  • Low maintenance
  • Peace of mind
  • Ability to move office
  • Resilience

PMC Voice Cloud HD offers a fully, managed hosted VoIP telephone system tailored to suit our individual clients.

PMCs solutions offer an alternative to installing your own phone system. Why have an engineer install miles of copper cabling in your walls, purchase an expensive PBX and then run into problems when either your PBX breaks or you run out of lines for new phones.

PMC Voice Cloud HD provides a fully managed system with tons of features right out of the box which can be rolled out to your business at blistering speeds using IP based handsets and software. Furthermore you can enjoy single number capabilities that you can operate from anywhere, even on the move, using almost any device. With features such as Disaster recovery & business continuity built-in with customizable features, our Hosted solution really is a cost effective and low risk option for any business.

“Big business features, small business rates”


Hosted solution for a small business

Even if you’re a small business with only 1 or 2 lines, such as a builder or tree surgeon, using our hosted solution can still be really cost effective and give you some premium features that big businesses use, at only a fraction of the price.

Offering your companies a landline and a mobile? You can have a premium 03 or 0845 number going direct to your home phone, you can even use this number on multiple devices, so you can answer it from home, or from the field, and the customer only has 1 number to dial. In addition to that all your voicemail will also be available on any device, simply log into your online portal to check, or alternatively you can check your emails as per normal, and you will notice that your voicemail now appears there.

Ideal for start-ups

Are you an up and coming small business? If you have big plans to expand, and could end up moving location, a Hosted Cloud Solution is ideal. Unlike a traditional PBX system which would need installing at the new premises, our hosted solution is ready to go, with the same numbers, contact information and anything else you have saved to the cloud. Simply plug your handsets in at your new office and you are ready to go, same numbers, and same handsets with absolute minimum interruption to service.

Hosted Solutions for medium to small businesses

If you’re a big business, there are big advantages to a hosted solution. Firstly, the sky is the limit, when you need to upgrade, call us we can send out new handsets. If for any reason your internet isn’t quick enough for your new system, depending on how many employees you have we would install a new line for you. The cost per new line is around £20/month and will support an extra 10-20 people each.

All our equipment is on a loan basis, we send you the equipment and you keep it until you no longer need it. If you would prefer to own the equipment too that’s fine, we have a price bracket for each.

Save energy, reduce your businesses carbon footprint

PMC Voice Cloud HD can help reduce your carbon footprint, how?

  • Do you staff work from home? PMC Telecom offer business grade broadband for home workers, which includes a separate phone line, and all charges from any home workers will appear on the main bill
  • Save paper – All bills will be digital and accessible through a secure online portal.
  • Use less power – running your own pbx and back up servers use power. We promote managed hosting where your data is stored securely in dedicated facilities reducing your net carbon footprint

Improving customer service with the cloud

As part of PMCs hosted solution, it comes with loads of features that will help improve your customer’s experience. The web portal gives you access to call recording, call statistics, call patterns etc. The portal can help you define your inbound call patterns so you know if your team should be coping or not during peak times and you can allocate staff time more effectively.

Work is where your team is

Our hosted solution enables you to make and receive calls from a range of smart devices such as androids, iPhones, tablets, laptops and even smart enabled TVs. Today’s mobile worker can respond to a query equally as efficient as an office based colleague.

Answering calls faster

When somebody calls into your business they generally either know who they want to talk to or they need guidance to the correct person. You can address both of these points with our DDI system. It can intelligently track where your staff are, on various devices to ensure they get the call. So when a customer calls in they can be directed through numerical options to ascertain who they need to speak to, and the hosted system can route this call to a smartphone, laptop, or desk phone – whichever device they have available. Call queuing and menu driven systems which connect the caller to the right department based on what options are selected can be really effective, but only when done right. PMC will help connect your customers with the right people, and advice on the best way to do so.

With a PMC hosted solution you can even overflow calls to home or another office to balance workload during busy periods. Customers want to speak to a person not a machine remember this. To further speed up queuing times you can even overflow calls to other departments so the customer can speak to a person before being transferred to the right person.

Use call recording to improve customer service

Having all calls made on your network automatically saved to the cloud which can be accessed from anywhere will sure keep your staff on their toes. You can use this data to improve your training sessions.

Keep your business online. Always.

Telecoms fraud costs UK businesses £1Bn per year, and the average cost of an incident is £10,000. You need to be as prepared as possible for this. Fortunately PMC have the answers. We can help you draw up a one click business contingency plan which will help you continue business where your competitors would falter. With our fraud monitoring service and our advice we will make sure you stay on track.

“One click contingency plan recovery”


  • Ensure inbound calls are diverted if your office has to close
  • If you lose your main method of connecting to the internet, we can have a backup in place.
  • You can access your contacts from anywhere, so you won’t lose any of your customers’ info.
  • Select tiers of service level so you can balance out risk and cost in any given circumstance.
  • Mobile data – backup dongles & 3G/4G routers can be deployed to keep a business going strong.
  • Industry leading solutions to ensure you only use the most resilient and efficient of systems.

If your business takes or manages orders electronically we recognise that you cannot afford to be disconnected.

Saving Money

Reduce your telecommunications spend and increase the efficiency of your communications at the same time. We have secured amazing deals with BT & O2 allowing us to offer high quality service at really good rates.

Also because it’s a hosted solution there will be no maintenance costs to your equipment, and you will always be upgraded to the latest software at no extra cost. Most importantly there is no initial outlay if you are considering a new system, as if its cloud based, there is no requirement for any extra equipment other than the actual phones themselves. Plus:

  • Cheaper landline and mobile calls
  • Better deals for new phone line or rental contracts
  • Free calls between all your business phones, including home workers and all devices in your business, mobiles, tablets, etc.
  • Reducing phone rental charges via IP tech.
  • Modern conferencing solutions can reduce travel time and travel cost.

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