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Last updated on June 10th, 2022 at 08:57 am

Cooltalk Extreme
Cooltalk Extreme

When we got the CoolTalk Extreme throat mics in stock we thought it might be fun to do some testing around our office block to see what the clarity is like.  We tested them with Motorola TLKR-T7 Two Way Radios.

Obviously in a office block it’s going to be hard to test these in extreme conditions, however we found them to be very clear and performed brilliantly allowing us to hear exactly what the other person was saying all the time – we did send our office junior out across the road to the top of a windy multi-storey car park and couldn’t hear a peep of wind noise; with the microphone fitting snugly against the throat this eliminates virtually all background noise so all you hear is the person speaking.

In the box you get the throat mic and earpiece, a detachable push-to-talk lead with a velcro strap to help connect the PTT button to your ski-poles, handlebars or whatever, and an instruction leaflet.

We can happily recommend these superb, low-cost headsets for those of you who need to use two-way radios or walkie-talkies, but also need to keep your hands free to ski or climb etc.

Overall, we’d say that the CoolTalks are perfect for things like mountain biking, climbing, skiing etc; but there are tougher, more rugged throat mics on the market if you’re looking for heavy use such as military simulations or training etc.

The CoolTalk Extreme Throat Mics are available for both Doro and Motorola (single-pin) Two-Way radios on the PMC Telecom website today, and are priced at a cost of £29.99 click here for more information.