Classic 1970’s Rotary Dial Telephones!

GPO Carrington Classic 1970s Rotary Dial Retro Telephone

Last updated on April 14th, 2021 at 11:49 am

Have you always wanted a classic, retro phone like your parents used to have, back in the day?  Something that’ll stand out in your home that looks beautiful and functional.  We might just have the perfect solution for you.  Coming soon to PMC Telecom are the GPO 1970’s classic rotary dial telephones!

GPO Rotary Telephones, Black, Ivory and Red
GPO Rotary Telephones, Black, Ivory and Red

Designed and built in conjunction with PMC Telecom to a high standard these phones replicate perfectly the look and feel of this design classic.  With a weighty, solid construction, high quality rotary dial and bell ringer, they work exactly the same as how your old phone worked.

High quality electronics in the body of the phones ensure that even though these phones replicate the look and feel of the classic 1970’s retro phones, they will work on modern telephone systems such as BT, Virgin Media, Telewest etc.

The full feature list is as follows:

  • Authentic bell ringer
  • Traditional rotary dial
  • Solid, weighty construction
  • Includes tone and pulse dialling option
  • Works on any standard home telephone line
  • Works on any current telephone network
  • Compatible with modern telephone banking
  • Comes complete with a 1 year warranty
  • Available in red, ivory and black

Available on pre order on the PMC Telecom shopping site at a very low £32.99 these phones make a perfect gift for a loved one.