Five good reasons to use a headset over a deskphone

Telephone headsets; Everybody knows what they are, but does everybody know why they should use one?

Here’s five reasons why investing in a telephone headset could be one of the cheapest and best investments your company makes.

ZOETERMEER - Callcenter Teleperformance in Zoetermeer. ANP PHOTO XTRA LEX VAN LIESHOUT
ZOETERMEER – Callcenter Teleperformance in Zoetermeer. ANP PHOTO XTRA LEX VAN LIESHOUT
  1. Save your neck – If you or your employees are on the phone a lot, then craning the neck to use a handset will take its toll. It’s a simple solution to release muscle tension by using a headset, allowing the user to maintain proper posture as they work. This also ensures that employers are acting responsibly and covering themselves from claims of repetitive strain injury due to neck strains etc.
  2. Increase productivity – Freeing up your handset holding hand gives you an extra hand to type with. It makes things much easier when you need to take down customer details or interact with a computer as you’re talking to your customer or colleague on the phone as you’re working.
  3. Increase concentration – If you work in a noisy office you could invest in a binaural (two eared) headset, which not only helps block out some of the background noise, but also gives you two headset speakers in which to hear the caller through.
  4. Increase Clarity – If you work in a noisy office, then a noise cancelling headset will help cut out the background drone, allowing your customer to be able to hear you speak more clearly.
  5. Office Mobility – Cordless headsets allow office users who are more mobile, move around the office as they talk on the phone. If you have an employee who needs to access records as they speak, or perhaps works in a stock room, then a cordless headset can give that extra freedom to support the customer without interruption giving your business that extra professional edge.

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