PMC Telecom hit the B2B Marketing Expo at ExCeL London


The marketing team at PMC Telecom recently travelled to London for the B2B Marketing Expo at ExCeL to learn about the new and exciting marketing tools available for the digital era. Here’s a list of our favourite finds from the two-day event.

Most helpful marketing tools

With the digital marketing field ever growing, it is important to keep on top of the tools available for marketers. Here are some of our top picks from the expo:

Response Source – packaged as a ‘media relations tool for PRs and marketers’ this service is one of the best in the business for content and communication. Response source offer 3 main services:

  1. Media Contacts Database – a UK media database giving you access to relevant media, journalist and PR contacts.
  2. Journalistic Enquiry Service – this is a service that we’ve used for a number of months and have benefitted hugely from. The service allows journalists from specific fields of interest to contact you via email for expert commentary or opinion. Used by hundreds of journalists, bloggers and broadcasters each week it is undoubtedly a helpful tool for any digital marketer.
  3. Press Release Wire – Almost the reverse of the Journalistic Enquiry service, the Press Release Wire allows you to send your news and press releases directly to journalists, influencers and stakeholders.

ON24 Webinars – webinars are fast becoming one of the primary methods of connecting to customers, partners and employees. ON24 is the leading webinar marketing platform for demand generation, lead qualification and customer engagement. As buyers increasingly self-educate, webinars are being used to nurture prospective customers through each stage of the purchasing journey. ON24 offer a report on webinars with information ranging from the best days for webinar attendance to the average attendee rate and viewing time. The report also offers tips on audience engagement, interactivity and on demand viewing.

Trustpilot – another tool we’ve been using for some time. Trustpilot is a review site which allows customers to transparently review and rate a service or product. Having some sort of review system is vital to gain credibility among potential customers and boost your business ahead of the competition.

Inbox Insight – B2B lead generation and content marketing experts. In a nutshell they help marketing and sales teams generate new leads and business opportunities. Inbox Insight publish specialist, highly targeted content-driven email bulletins that offer access to key EMEA markets as well as weekly emails with guides, ebooks and reports. Businesses that require a push forward can work with Inbox Insight to decide lead generation criteria, select the content, promote it and consequently receive new leads. With clients such as Google, HP, IBM and American Express it’s not surprising that over 1 million people across Europe, the Middle East and Africa have subscribed to the service.

insightBee – with ‘lack of leads’ ranked the number one sales challenge of a business it’s unsurprising that insights had a strong presence at the B2B Marketing Expo. insightBee deliver qualified leads to help businesses close deals quickly through eliminating clutter and elevating discussion with clients to gain a step on the competition. They offer a continual flow of trigger-based and qualified sales leads, targeted to your specific sales objectives. Through their cloud-based custom analyses and advanced algorithms they scope opportunities faster which allows more preparation time and greater efficiency.

Best creative agencies

When it comes to marketing, a sleek design and creative ideas are vital. Here are the best agencies we came across at the expo:

Breathe Creative – according to Breathe Creative the secret to success in business growth is focused creativity. Breathe Creative pride themselves on client success through understanding the audience, creativity and attention to detail. Breathe Creative offer the highest quality London-standard services ‘without the eye watering London prices’.

indigoRiver – a bold design agency that specialise in strategy and planning, design and print, advertising, web design and social media marketing among others. With services that include website building, 3D modelling, app design and building, brochures and exhibitions indigoRiver appear to be a company that does it all; and to a high standard. If you’re looking for a bold campaign then this could be the agency for you.

Best seminar

evosite – evosite offer a complete web solution for your business with services ranging from client strategy to web development. For over 15 years, the company has provided clients with the insights needed to stay ahead of the game. At the B2B Marketing Expo, evosite led a seminar to help businesses boost their online conversion rates. The seminar, led by Senior UX Architect Paul Randall, taught businesses how to analyse their data to create helpful insights about their website’s visitors. Through these insights it is then possible to change the aspects of your site that customers struggle with and create a more user friendly site in order to increase your conversion rates and keep your customers happy. Well, that’s a very simplified version of the seminar – the real thing was far more detailed and incredibly helpful. If you don’t believe me you can have a look at the masterclass yourself on their blog.

And the cool stuff…

Two stands in particular caught our attention from far away for all the right reasons:

Surface2Air – if you tell me that seeing a camera drone in real life wouldn’t excite you then you’re lying. Though possibly not relevant for a B2B telecoms company such as ourselves, I’m sure we weren’t the only marketing team trying to come up with reasons to utilise the drones for their campaigns! Surface2Air specialise in aerial video and photography with full video production and editing.

Radioville – the aesthetic of the Radioville stand was what initially drew us in. One quick visit to their website will confirm that they have nailed their design and concept. Radioville write, produce, cast, direct and record radio adverts for some of the UK’s biggest advertisers.


Well there you have it, our complete round up of the B2B Marketing Expo. We had a great time and look forward to the next one!

Long Range Cordless Phones

We get asked for phones that work over a long range an awful lot, so we though it would be a good idea to create a category on our site that would reflect your requests.

Long range cordless phones are ideal for people with larger houses, outhouses, businesses, building sites, garages, farms, kennels, garden centres etc etc.

We have tried to add a diverse range of long range cordless phones to start with as to achieve extra range, they work in a number of different ways.  So far, our range includes:

BT Elements

BT Elements Long Range Phone

The BT Elements are a DECT based phone with a claimed 1km range out of the box – with experience we’ve found these phones to have a better than standard range DECT phones straight out of the box, without the need for a repeater or range extender.  In tests we didn’t quite manage a kilometre outdoors, but with line of site between the base unit and the handset, the range is pretty respectable.

Indoors the handsets perform admirably, again, outperforming standard DECT phones and penetrating thick walls with ease and giving slightly better range than standard DECT phones.

A good thing to note about the BT Elements is that they come with a location free base unit, meaning the base is separate from the main handset so you are free to place the base unit somewhere you will get better range (usually up high, or near a window –  wherever you will get best line of sight between base and handsets) – this gives you that slight extra bit of freedom when choosing where to place your base as you don’t have the main handset and charger integrated as part of the unit.

The BT Elements handsets are designed as a ruggedised handset, to IP54 standards and are splash and dust proof meaning that they are ideal for situations where handsets may get dropped such as garages, kennels, garden centres, workshops etc.


  • Great range out of the box
  • Great pricing
  • Ruggedised handset design, to IP54 Standard
  • Handy torch on the handsets
  • Location free base unit place the base to give best reception


  • No answering machine
  • Not Repeater compatible (to further extend the range)
  • Not quite the 1km range as suggested, but great all the same

In stock at PMC Telecom from £54.90Click here for more information.

Panasonic KX-TG6481 – 6 (Single to Four handsets available) and RTX4002 Repeater Bundle PacksPanasonic KX-TG6481 and RTX4002 Repeater / Range Extender

The Panasonic KX-TG6481 DECT Cordless phones are a solid, reliable cordless phone straight out of the box, giving approximately 50-80 meters indoors and up to 200 meters in more open situations.  Adding an RTX4002 Repeater (as per our bundle offers linked) effectively doubles this range and makes an extremely versatile solution for people needing extra range in a specific location as depending on where you place the repeater gives you extra range around that location.

For more information on how repeaters work, check our blog posting by clicking here.

These Panasonic KX-TG6481 handsets are designed to be shockproof and are built to IP54 standards meaning that they are resistant to dust and water splashes, making them an ideal handset for outdoor use, in garages, building sites, garden centres etc.


  • Panasonic brand phones have always proven to be reliable
  • Extremely reliable signal strength
  • Digital answering machine
  • Repeater placement means you can chose which direction you need the extra range
  • Add more than one repeater to further extend range in another direction
  • GAP Compatible (extra handsets are easily added to the system)
  • Ruggedised handset design, to IP54 Standard


  • Repeaters register to the main base unit effectively as an additional handset, taking away -1 handset capacity for every extra repeater registered
  • Repeater registration can be slightly tricky for those who aren’t tech savvy although we have tried to make this easier with a step-by-step guide – click here to download as a PDF.

In stock at PMC Telecom from £112.42Click here for more information.

Engenius EP801 Super long range Cordless Phones Engenius EP801 Long Range Cordless Phone

The Engenius Cordless Phones are designed as a high end office/site phone for use in areas where long range cordless telephone communications are absolutely essential. Using the 863~865MHz radio band gives these phones the same sort of range you’d expect with two-way radios with much better quality, and unlike its DECT counterparts (where you can only add six handsets) you can actually add up to nine cordless handsets to one base unit on the EP801 system!


  • Stupendous range straight out of the box (Genuine 1km line of sight)
  • Plug and play
  • Vibrate only ring facility (rare feature on cordless phones)


  • An expensive option for the home user
  • No answering machine
  • Doesn’t use DECT (digital technology) so is not compatible with anything else on the market

In stock at PMC Telecom from £389Click here for more information

We hope you like our range of Long Range Cordless Phones here… we’re planning on putting together some more bundle packages with various other DECT phones and repeaters so keep your eyes open for those!

PMC Telecom – Independently rated and reviewed by our customers

It’s always a worry when buying online, just who you can trust with your business.  Who will deliver on time, who has stock of your goods and who will treat you like a person, rather than a number on a database.

TrustPilot & Google Checkout

After each purchase* we encourage customers to give us feedback on our service on an independent reviews site called Trust Pilot, whilst customers who purchase using the Google Checkout option are always given the choice to leave Feedback through Google’s mandatory feedback system (these are also linked to on TrustPilot).

Some sample reviews:


This company deserves a medal for its help, paperwork and next day delivery. The items were perfect in every way! It is my first experience but definitely not my last. I highly recommend them and look forward to my next purchase. Good luck PMC
A top class company, highly efficient and a real pleasure, thank you.

Outstanding service

Very helpful service, ordered on Friday afternoon and the phones arrived on time on Monday, after I got an email giving a 1 hr delivery time slot. It’s just a shame other companies don’t give such a good service. This is the second time I’ve ordered from them and they are highly recommended.

Super service from start to finish

Previous discussions over a period of time with the Company about my selection had been extremely friendly and helpful and so I ordered a set of 3 Motorola DECT phones which seemed to arrive almost before I’d clicked “Pay Now” which was impressive compared to other sites. A whole year later one of the set became faulty – not PMC’s fault – and without any hesitation they were happy to replace it for me. The replacement was despatched back to me the same day they received my faulty unit. Absolutely great service. Many thanks, I’m glad I chose PMC Telecom.

I think it’s well worth boasting a little bit when you receive such consistent good reviews, however the serious note is that these are all from genuine customers who have been happy with our service (you can find them all on our TrustPilot page) – it’s always worth knowing who you can trust with your business, so we think it’s only fair to pass on our customer’s comments to future customers so they’re aware of the kind of service they’ll expect from us.  :o)

PMC Telecom on Ebay

At PMC Telecom we also run an ebay shop which allows us to sell some of our cheaper items and seconds at bargain prices, and so far after 842 reviews we have a 100% feedback rating, with five star ratings on our “Item Description”, “Communication”, “Despatch Time” and “Postage and Packing cost” ratings.  We are also rated as one of ebay’s “Top Rated Sellers”.

As you can see, we are proud to receive a high level of positive feedback and would like to continue providing top level service to existing and future customers alike!

PMC Telecom's Ebay Feedback Ratings

PMC Telecom's Ebay Feedback Ratings as of 3rd Sept 2010 (Click to enlarge)

A note about leaving reviews

*We always endeavour to make each and every purchase as smooth and as stress free as possible; aiming to deliver goods within two working days of purchase.  Of course, when you’re dealing with huge amounts of orders every day, things can occasionally go wrong, and whilst these are never intentional we always ask that customers contact us as soon as possible so that we can attempt to fix any issues you may have before you leave any reviews on independent sites, as usually a missed delivery, a faulty item or a simple technical question can be dealt with quite quickly.

CoolTalk Extreme Throat Mics

Cooltalk Extreme

Cooltalk Extreme

When we got the CoolTalk Extreme throat mics in stock we thought it might be fun to do some testing around our office block to see what the clarity is like.  We tested them with Motorola TLKR-T7 Two Way Radios.

Obviously in a office block it’s going to be hard to test these in extreme conditions, however we found them to be very clear and performed brilliantly allowing us to hear exactly what the other person was saying all the time – we did send our office junior out across the road to the top of a windy multi-storey car park and couldn’t hear a peep of wind noise; with the microphone fitting snugly against the throat this eliminates virtually all background noise so all you hear is the person speaking.

In the box you get the throat mic and earpiece, a detachable push-to-talk lead with a velcro strap to help connect the PTT button to your ski-poles, handlebars or whatever, and an instruction leaflet.

We can happily recommend these superb, low-cost headsets for those of you who need to use two-way radios or walkie-talkies, but also need to keep your hands free to ski or climb etc.

Overall, we’d say that the CoolTalks are perfect for things like mountain biking, climbing, skiing etc; but there are tougher, more rugged throat mics on the market if you’re looking for heavy use such as military simulations or training etc.

The CoolTalk Extreme Throat Mics are available for both Doro and Motorola (single-pin) Two-Way radios on the PMC Telecom website today, and are priced at a cost of £29.99 click here for more information.